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Looks like I'm the only one who didn't have a great experience with cloth diapers the first time around. We used them until my daughter was five months old, and she was constantly rashy. The rash cleared up as soon as we switched to disposables. She was in daycare (they let us use cloth even though their handbook stated it wasn't allowed, which was awesome), and they logged diaper changes so I know she was changed every 1-2 hours. We tried coconut oil, stripping the...
It went great, thanks for asking! Baby was quite uncooperative, but they were able to get the pictures they needed, and the heartbeat was nice and strong. So glad you were able to hear the heartbeat and feel like you can settle into this pregnancy, Jesepumpkin!
The Birthing Partner by Penny Simkin was the most useful book I read during my first pregnancy. It's kind of long and dry, but I learned so much about what to expect during labor. DH got a lot out of it, too.
I'm guessing boy. Again, no nub expertise here. This is fun, though!  
You are seriously due for a break! Glad everything is okay.
Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well! I made it to 12 weeks and am going in for my NT scan tomorrow. I'm excited to see the baby again (had a quick u/s at 8 weeks), but a little anxious too. I think if everything looks good at this scan, I'll be able to relax and actually believe that this pregnancy is going the distance. Hugs to all!
So glad everything is okay! And I know this must have been awful, but your comment about your DH's penis made me chucke.
Oh my gosh, I have been super itchy! I didn't connect it with the pregnancy at all, but that makes sense!
Yes. That kind of behavior is not okay, even if he's a good guy most of the time.
Oh no. I'm so very sorry. Will be keeping you in my thoughts.
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