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I wondered aloud today if I needed to paste an eviction notice in the same spot--maybe just saying baby you're evicted wasnt working and written notification was necessary.........also didn't work.
Olive looks so different with her eyes open. What a cutie! Mamas, these babies are making me melt! I'll try to remember to come back and visit them all for a mid-labour motivation. I want mine!
I'm still pregnant too...but all predictions are saying by the end of the weekend. We'll see! Mummoth, what's in your eviction tea? I'm about to down some strong RRL and see what picks up. Oh! And my mama is finally here, and she's cooking tonight! yum, I'm so happy not to think about what to cook. We told her our favorite names for Little Do, too (no one else knows), and she loves it. Yay! Happy birthing weekend, mamas!
So, I've been having fairly regular, very gentle contractions all night that are continuing still. They're coming maybe every 10 minutes or so, and they're really just squeezes, not uncomfortable at all, but pretty regular. Baby is quite low and pressing on my cervix. Hey, maybe something will happen! At least my body is getting warmed up actually to give birth some day, and I can be glad that I won't be pregnant until the end of time. :D   Of course, the timing is...
Welcome babies! We're really getting rolling now, aren't we mamas? Finally the fulfillment of all these long months of waiting.
Your children are so beautiful-- those eyelashes! How do brother and sister get along with the new baby? More babies, more babies
Bennypai! Probably you were going for "exhausted pregnant mama" in the first photo, but you look so sultry! And the ones with DH are so sweet.
Wow, mamas! These are such exciting numbers! It must feel so good to see the scales go down again.
Yes! I'm so enjoying reading all your little details! Anyone starting to see the personalities of their little ones yet? Did you get a feel for who they are before they were born that is confirmed now that they're out in the world?
I feel similarly about my MIL, although the situation is quite different. She really wants to be present for the birth, and she thinks that because my mother will be here, she should be as well, and at the very least she wants to be here as soon as she can afterwards. But I feel like you, I just want to have a quiet time to settle in with my new family. I know I can gently ask my mother to leave us alone, but not mil. Anyway, in my opinion, this is a time when we should,...
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