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Congrats, Nina!  You must be breathing a sigh of relief.  Glad to hear things are looking good for you!  Definitely keep us posted. @Megan...thanks for the .  Today is obviously a little easier to deal with since I am pregnant again, but still nervous about the potential outcome.  Baby dust  and positive vibes to everyone
Today would have been my due date.  I lost my baby in September at 10 weeks.  Luckily, I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago (due 11/25).  I guess I should say I was also lucky (although hyperventilating) to find out I am pregnant with TWINS this past Wednesday.    Since this is another PAL and twins, I am more concerned than ever about another loss.  I am almost 36 years old so I am even more nervous.  I'm trying to stay positive and not overthink things to...
Hi...congratulations to you!  I also found out this week that I am pregnant with twins.  Needless to say, I also was not expecting this news.  These would be my first babies (I've had losses in the past so it's hard to get excited so early into the pregnancy).  I am just trying to remain calm and see what happens.  Good luck.
It seems like everyone has had a great birth experience with Kathy's practice, but I'm wondering if and what your experiences have been regarding prenatal care? As a GYN patient of the office, I had to wait nearly two months to schedule my annual exam (no biggie, since I'm low-risk, but I was concerned at the time b/c I was having postcoital bleeding). I have never seen Kathy - just her younger partners - and have always felt the exams were polite and short. No...
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