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That is very sweet!  What a great experience!
Are you on Facebook?  There is a group called "Central Vermont Moms( Washington, Orange, and Lamoille Counties)" and I know I've seen a few homeschooling posts there.  It's a closed group, so you will need to request to join it.  
Would you be willing to travel to Stowe?  We see a ND there who sounds like what you are looking for.  Most VT health insurances cover naturopathic doctors the same as they cover medical doctors.  We go to Stowe Natural Family Wellness.  There are two doctors in the office, both ND's and home birth midwives.  They are both friendly, knowledgeable, and non tax and breast-feeding friendly.  
Is the space mossy?  That would mean that the soil quality is poor.  You could compost it up and grow strawberries, mint, or maybe leafy greens.  If it's bare because of lack of sunlight, maybe you could look into fungi plants.  
Baby sleeps with us in our bed. All our babies have. DH uses a pillow, but I don't.  I'll nurse DS2 to sleep, then scootch him up so that our heads are level.  The blanket stays below my arms, about crotch area on DS2.  Usually, I'll sleep on my belly since I'm less likely to roll over this way.  I always keep him off on my side of the bed, too, since DH is not the lightest sleeper. I manage to keep myself wake long enough through  the second nursing to move him back to...
I'm so sorry :(  I work with ASD kids, and I know that with them, a new baby and a new house within a year would just totally knock them flat. Especially the higher functioning, older kids who know how they are supposed to feel.  That adds guilt.  Do you think that this may be his reaction to the stress?  Could he possibly work through it in a few months?  Or has this idea of moving out completely obsessed him?  I'm sorry if this is out of line.  I would be completely...
That is a wonderful birth story.  I love to hear hypnobabies stories; they are so peaceful.  Congrats on your newest love!
This is very possibly my new favorite website.  My fingers are twitching just looking at all these great creations!
It really sounds like you are doing all the right things, mama.  I'm having very similar issues with my 22 month old, but she is also still nursing and having a really hard time sharing mama's milk.  Just keep showing her "gentle touches" and when she climbs up on you, it's ok to put her down and say, "No thanks, that hurts mommy."  It would be helpful to show her how to climb up without hurting you, so she won't feel so sad by not being with you.  Or maybe you can sit...
Yup. My older son and younger daughter never liked swings or chairs until they were older.  This new LO does't care for his swing very much, but tolerates being put down on his boppy 
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