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I say: single digit birthday in month of december. under 12 hour labor. my hopes are that i start labor in the morning and labor through the day time and birth when it is dark. in the tub a lot maybe a water birth--DD there holding my hand as her brother/sister is born. BIG 10-11lb baby boy either bald or with reddish hair like I had when I was born. looks like Jocelyn {who is a clone of her dad}. has an interesting birthmark somewhere..... oh yea, i feel lke maybe my...
good to know ; )
thanks--my thoughts exactly ; ) 
Raegan--Thank you for your details of all scenarios! I agree the keloided is a verb, too and I don't want my body doin' it--haha ;) So am I correct that your labial/clitoral tear wasn't stitched and healed well? thanks to all other mamas, too! I definitely feel the same as you--will not be getting stitched this time--hopefully won't tear at all ; ) Being stitched changed my sex life completely for years--it was bad news!
Thanks mamabeakley. That is how I feel, too--almost exactly! The Med wife I had definitely gave me the 'husband stitch' and sex was painful for over a year until I stretched back out. I felt like a different person and I didn't like it at all. I think I will decline stitches if I tear. How long did it take to heal without them? Do you remember how many stitches you ahd with your first?
OK, with DD I had a second degree tear/canal carved through my lower vagina from her elbow as she was birthed with her hand at her head. So, let's be clear--I am not talking about that kind of tear here! I needed lots of stitches and got them! However, I was surprised when I asked my MW her opinion recently about letting a small tear, one that may only need a few stitches, to heal without them and she was kinda horrified and insisted that stitches were always...
I haven't done tons of research or anything, but was gonna add some grey salt to my birth tub and when I started to search came up with all sorts of like WARNING do not add anything to your birth tub stuff and was kinda turned off by it all. I can't see any reason why not to add natural sea salt to your birthing tub or herbs in a satchel and was just wondering why so many are so down on it.  Any truly enlightened info out there appreciated. Are these all scare...
I have found a great response to any question being asked on any subject that I find inapproapriate or that I do not want to answer/discuss is to say, ' hmm...why do you ask?' This puts the issue back on them. Then if I find that soemone is asking because they desire more info, I can discuss, or if I find that someone says, 'well, aren't you afraid of x,y,z...' then I can just say, 'Nope I am comfortable with my decisions and not open to discussing them at this...
I rotate between two peri bottles--one with urva ursi/lavender and another with calendula/lavender--both fight infection {urva ursi--specifically UTI/bladder issues} and help in healing and pain relief {lavender}.  I use virgin unrefined coconut oil in a glass {preferable dark colored} jar ; ) 
LOA/LOT is the preferred position. SO I don't think you are confused....isn't that what you said baby was in? Also, your baby is dropped an engaged already, so, as a first timer it is unlikely that will change and they typically don't engage in an awkward position {typically}. 
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