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So, the word is that it is totally safe since the antibodies don't pass through the digestive system. Enjoy!
IMO, Placenta is best consumed immediately or as soon as possible after birth for best benefits. I have many friends who have said they preferred it best in a fruit smoothie with strawberries, OJ, and pineapple and that the taste can be likened a bit to floradix
    YES to this!! To OP, I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. It is unacceptable for anyone {least of all your mom} to share anything but joy upon hearing of the news of a new babe. It is rude and insulting and hurtful. For this very reason, we made the announcement to my mom with most of my immediate family present last night--grandparents, her hubs and step son--and she still had to leave the room for 30 minutes before she could even stand to be in the same...
I do not have an answer for you, but I have many. many placenta consuming friends and none of them has ever mentioned this as a factor. Now, that could simply mean that all of them are Rh+, but I feel like I would have heard something over the last 5 years about it if it weren't. I will check with some trusted sources for you and report back ; )
I didn't get a response, but am 'in' the forum now. So, just go check and you should be too. Unfortunately and disappointingly so, I have found the forum to be full of 'trolls' and people fear mongering UC. It isn't exactly what I had expected from a private MDC UC group. Aside from reading through things, I don't feel like it is really a great place to find support, especially if you are wavering in your desire for a UC. I am going to convey this to the group moderator.
bummer, my colostrum didn't come in until weeks before my DDs birth. So, is that the {small} consensus...Hurts until colostrum comes in? I still have milk now though, so this isn't pain due to dry nursing. Sometimes it is not too bad, but last night I had to tell her that her 'Mimis' were sleeping. She did not take it well--sobbing, crying, upset--She never went back to sleep--it was 5am and she doesn't normally wake until 730/8, so it was very rough.
Ultimately, many pregnancy digestive symptoms are related to a sluggish liver. I think that this will be my path---detox and address the liver with herbs and yoga. Thank for reminding me {via your link to those herbs--got me researching vs. just agonizing in pain} that its the liver that needs to be addressed.
Thanks for the info. I am definitely going to go see my DOM and get back on some chinese herbs. I think it is just what I need even though I have no idea how I will afford it. This can't go on. I will ask her about it ; )
Well, it hit a few days ago. I was hoping to avoid it this pregnancy since I am GF now and wasn't then, but no such luck.  The bloating, gas, constipation, digestive nightmare of pregnancy has kicked in full force already and I am miserable. Last pregnancy I did colonics for the first 22 weeks and it helped, but I can't afford that this time around. I am contemplating going to my DOM for acupuncture and herbs {asking mom for some money to cover it}, but we really don't...
let me clarify: Nursing is uncomfortable, its the latching that is terribly painful!
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