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Definitely not. 
Just to be clear though--You ALWAYS have the option to refuse them--even if your provider disagrees--you do not have to consent!
Great thread! So many women don't know that this isn't beneficial or necessary! It is painful, too, for many of us.  I have had no VE {vaginal exams} and will not have any through birthing either.  HEre's another: http://www.scienceandsensibility.org/?p=5673
Total BS! YOu sound like a VERY smart mama who has a great intuition. Follow that and you and babe will be great! 'NO Thanks!' is the best thing you can say to all those offers of unnecessary interventions. My DD was 8lbs 13oz and that is NOT a big baby. Even clinically speaking that is NOT the definition of a big baby and you had no trouble birthing vaginally. 
Nursing takes up a GREAT majority of time for many babes and moms. Like zebrachic said there really isn't a lot of time to be bored or get much done since you will be doing everything in increments of 1- hours. Not all NBs sleep tons either--mine didn't--and wouldn't let me put her down ever. So, yes, to babywearing! You just cuddle and spend time together.
Just to give you the full range of what is probably just 'normal' I haven't had any hiccups yet--NONE! MW says that is normal, too ; ) Of course, ask if you are concerned!
yes, this sounds exactly like what I am dealing with. I do believe that it is related to round ligaments because the origin and insertion points {Which are vague since these are ligaments not muscles} are right at the belly button level on either side and then at the tops of the labia majora lips or on top of the mons pubis--if I palpate those points it is excrusiatingly painful and then everything in between those points, which is my whole lower abdomen feels like a...
Sego--Had a friend who went through this on and off her whole last pregnancy and she said that Bach's Rescue Remedy worked well for her during her episodes. Also, talking to a friend or having some sort of mild distraction from her racing heart was really helpful. It did not impact her natural birth and she and babe were both healthy. I know she dealt with it for at least the last 15 weeks. Glad it isn't your BP. Hope you get it sorted out though! The only time I have...
I thought the same Tropicana ;)
Mamabeakely--thanks for sharing! It is very reassuring to know that even at 36 weeks baby can be healthy as can be ; ) I have recently had a few friends have premature and/or really tiny babies all needing short stays in the NICU {2 were twins born spontaneously at 35 weeks and another was IUGR full term 41 week old baby weighing 4lbs 7oz}--so, all of them were healthy, too, but still stayed in the NICU for over a week which seems really strange if they were healthy. I...
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