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I'm not sure how I missed this thread, but we are planning a cord burning, too ; ) I haven't made a box nor do I think I will because I am not handy at all, but I think we will just use a bowl to place the cord over and drip wax into. I would like to wait until 12 hours PP to do this, however, we I would also like my birth photo to get some shots of it. DD and DH will each hold a candle while I hold the baby. So ultimately I think we will do this within 2 hours of...
mamabeakely--was there a specific reason that you birthed your last kiddo at 36 weeks? Dates off? known health conditions? I am definitely not ready to have a baby and do not want to have a baby before full term, which is a bit less than 4 weeks away.  Today I definitely got some serious cervical twinges that left me speechless and then quickly reminded me that labor hurts! haha ; )
Why would she agree to take you on as a client if she were going to be out of town on your EDD? Have you contacted her about this?
YES! YOu sound exactly like me I am 35 weeks on Wednesday and this week, especially last 2 days, have been feeling like I need to watch out and be a bit more cautious or I may not make it 4 more weeks! I hav been having lots of BH and lots of menstral like cramping/feeling in my lower uterus and thighs and lower back. Loose stools--all of them, all the time--nausea, decreased appetite, the cat won't leave my side, started cleaning walls a few days ago {that's like...
yes. I can definitely say that nipple stimulation in late pregnancy is no joke as far as bringing on contractions. I am still nursing my 3y3m DD and I have been having LOTS of really decent ones. 
YAY KAte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful news!!!
awesome pics ladies!  tropicana--WOW! your bump is definitely shape shifting!! Hope that babe settles head down ASAP for you ; ) Sego--cute pumpkin! Kel--I always love your pics--you just look so peaceful all the time!  I don't have an updated pic, but this week EVERYONE has commented on how big my belly has become--like eyes bulging out of their head, 'WOAH, you grew this week!' We did Halloween with my friends and people were just very vocal about my belly...
Yes, I always smell different in pregnancy. I agree with Sandy--extra hormones + super human strength smelling capabilities = I notice it more. DH says he doesn't notice anything different. I smell different everywhere though--pregnancy makes my feet smelly, and my BO stronger, so, it is all around for me. 
So sorry to hear you are having this issue. Have you looked into The Brewer's Diet for BP and PRe-E? http://www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com/id34.html It had helped me completely avoid it this pregnancy and I was developing it last pregnancy at the end, but stopped it with this diet. EGGS are a big deal--eat lots of eggs!!!
Well, there is a lot of info out there about open gut vs. closed gut and how introducing any forgeign substance into an infants digestive tract {medicine or anything not breastmilk} can have an adverse effect on the whole body system because the gut is still an open system and the foreign particles can then enter the bloodstream {and cause many different immune dysfunctions/issues} via the stomach and digestive tract--thus nothing but breastmilk should be ingested by...
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