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  You don't care and so all the ranting and raving and calling people out of their name and assuming on your part will just continue, I'm sure, leading us nowhere and fixing nothing. I'm slightly disgusted too but it has nothing to do with her.
  That part is not your concern.   I'd say that because she does qualify and is using it for the child as she should, that she has a net on hand. Is it because she isn't using an income to pay for it that its not a good enough net? Or because you think it should be bigger? Will the ending result be a fed, housed, clothed child? How's that worse? Children have been raised on far less and have done well to become well rounded adults. Is it something a parent should strive...
  You really don't know the system well enough and that is why I'm bothered by use of the word fraud. Its incorrect here. Still. You have a bit to learn not only on how this system works and what actual abuse of this system is (cause I have seen many people try to get over on it) but also on how to get a point across. Your last few sentences are of a rather juvenile tone and don't add anything to this discussion.
    Yeah I was in the middle of typing out that I now know what you're referring to.   Fraud is not only a very strong word but its also incorrect in this case.   Had she mentioned that she had no plans to ever work and was just going to use the government as a handout while she had as many kids I could see your issue but that was never what she said and I'm sure that's not what she intends to do.   Had you read further (and maybe you did) you would see that she was...
  I know you're talking to PP but I've yet to read anything that can be construed as fraud unless I missed something. Mind letting me know what you're talking about?  
Welcome AZgal and lovebeingmama!   AZgal, I went ahead with motherhood after my health problems including Endo started acting up! I used a sperm bank as well. Good luck!!   love being mama, I haven't had any bad reactions from people. I've actually had a few tell me they would have gone that direction had they thought of it sooner. My son was loved from the minute I surprised people with the pregnancy!   I'm trying to make more local friends as well. I have...
Last I read, they don't really do this for single women. Of course, I've never researched this so you may find out otherwise, but I heard that they don't do that.   How is everyone doing?   Habitat, I can't say for sure how you'll feel but I don't at all think you'll regret having a baby on your own. You'll love it even more once your baby is home. I'm sorry you were dealing with a break up. Hope you're doing well now.   Traveling with a baby is honestly one of my...
My thoughts exactly!
That's a great resource. It reminds me of something I saw on lifehacker.com a while back. I really like things like that. Always makes me want to go learn.    
You're welcome! If you go for it, I hope it works out!    
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