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Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! So exciting!! I hope it moves swiftly. My fingers are crossed for you! Congrats!
Sounds pretty thorough to me. I really hope you get some good responses!
Sorry trekkingirl.
I totally am. Just watch!
I have a new interest in herbs, gardening (long time interest but just got to start it) and aerial silks. I just finished a 6 week session in aerial silk and it is so much fun and a challenge. My son seems to be interested in dance and so I'm planning to go back to that (used to dance and teach). I miss it so it will be fun to start from the beginning and explore it all with him.
Wishing with you, trekkingirl!
BaileyB that is so awesome of your husband!! Always great to get together and think ahead. AFM, last night my boss gave me a $50 visa gift card! I'm putting it straight into my EF. I also found a penny so I now have $50.13 in my fund. I'm just trying to quickly get us to $500 this time. I got us to $1400 in our EF once and that was great but I need us covered in something substantial enough soon. I'm hoping my paycheck comes in today too (it's always between Wednesdays...
I'm back or should I say, I'm still here. I don't think I visited at all in January. It was a tough month. This month, I'm doing a no spend and its going well because I don't have the extra money to spend. I'm still not ahead and barely catching up but I do have my emergency fund on my mind so hopefully it wont be long. Someone mentioned going bare bones and minimal and I'm heading there myself. I know I have a few things I can sell so I'll be doing that starting...
Hi. I think I've posted maybe once but I'm still here. I don't have much to report. We're still nowhere near where I'd like us to be but I'm sure we could all say the same. Anyway, just checking in.
I think Pincone is one that I'm either with or was with. I'm with a few and can't remember at the moment. I've been telling myself to keep with the surveys but haven't been doing as good a job. I've yet to reach payout level due to that but I'm for anything that brings in any extra. Have you tried swagbucks? You can get points easily with it and I sometimes use it for paypal cards. If you're interested here's a referral link.
New Posts  All Forums: