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What gets me is he is comparing FF videos, whereas my kid was rear facing at that age. I can guarantee you that the videos would be quite different if the kid in a car seat was rf. I wish car seat manufacturers would make extended rf seats available that you can get in europe.
My friend has a bobike, and it's great. She has the windshield, and her one year old does great in it.
Is she showing any signs of dehydration? That would be my primary worry.
two words, polar fleece. Doesn't compact like big winter coats, can keep you warm from house door to car door, bigger coats can standby for after they out of the car if needed. Car blankets also can help if the polar fleece isn't warm enough while the car is heating up. That way they can take them off when it does get warm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eman'smom My eight year old still fits (barely) in a Regent. He's never once complained about it. For me maturity is only part of it. Being harnessed is safer, I've told him that and he's fine with it. I never felt the need to change to a less safe booster simply because of what other people might think. Having my 5.5 yo harnessed in a Regent hasn't been an issue for me either. He never complains, and when I hear...
yep, my son definitely slept more and better when he was rear facing. The good thing about him being ff and 5 is that now I need to monitor him to be sure his eyes are really closed when I ask him to rest in the car! Yep, he still takes serious car naps, and when we camp for a week, it's my go to method for needed afternoon naps so he doesn't melt before dinner.
Quote: Originally Posted by beansricerevolt Thanks! This was a great read! Totally worth the 7 pages Read the other pages, watch the videos, lots of great information in there. I am finally making sense of more stuff.
Has anyone been reading the stuff on Entertainment weekly? I just got wind of it, and there is all sorts of good stuff to think about on there, it's helping me to make sense of all of it. http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,1550...278837,00.html
Quote: And a lot of times going for a cheaper seat (with a low weight and harness limit) you end up spending more in the long run then if you just bought one more expensive seat. Which is why I think some kids get graduated to boosters, or backless boosters, or the seat belt faster than others. It just ends up being so expensive when you have to replace seat after seat when you buy the cheaper ones, than if you plunked down the dough for the more...
With 5 people in your family, I would recommend a minivan. Because with car seats, room could get pretty tight in a second row. I love my Odyssey, and we have a Regent, and it works great, but I would hate to only have that second row and not a third. Gives folks a little more room, and we never know when we are going to have folks along.
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