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Ignore the Regent, it won't work for your situation, but the install advice does work for the Honda Odyssey, mine is a 2008, not sure about others.
the car seat goes in the window seat, so everyone else can get out. I am really glad you are trying to get your baby a seat of his own. It really and truly is the safest thing. I made a snarky comment earlier, that got deleted, rightly so, but my point was this- We don't ever think of NOT buckling ourselves in, and everyone else in during the flight (especially during take off and landing when emergencies are more likely to occur), so I never understood why we would...
The Regent isn't hard to install in the Honda Odyssey if you do one important thing. Put it in the second row side seat, with the seat pushed back as far as it can go in the track. Install normally, put the tether on, being sure to knee it in the seat to get the recline bar in correctly, and tighten the belt as much can, being sure to go the whole length of the belt to tighten it (the shorter end gets caught up and you have to really pull it to shorten the belt...
I think there are more differences between any two people, then there is between males and females. I think each time you try and define what a male does or a female does, or how they are in the world, there will be more than a few people who do not fit that mold, in fact I would bet there are more that fall outside the mold than within it. I think in general you will see what you expect to see, and be more dismissive (internally, without conscious thought usually) of...
For those who need cabs in big cities while traveling with a baby, why not take a car seat/stroller combo? There are options, I have seen them. When my guy was little I had something that basically took his Marathon and made it into a stroller.
I have heard several people talk about how they were able to rid themselves of MRSA with bleach baths.
The reasons why I love Britax so much has nothing to do with advertising. It's simple ease of use. If you have a Britax, and then use someone else's seat you know what I mean. I so annoyed with twisted straps, difficult to use latch tethers, etc. Not to mention my son's Marathon was so much more comfortable than any other seat available at the time. He could sleep in it easily and comfortably. I loved that seat. His Regent is a bit harder to install but I did get...
Jessemoon, I simply don't understand why you are asking already? I mean your kid just turned 5? How much does he weigh? At this point I could see moving a kid into a HBB, not out of it to a backless? Anyway, my guess would be that a kid would be too big for a HBB when their shoulder goes past the part where the belt inserts at the shoulder.
Quote: Originally Posted by an_aurora That's what I meant, a cheap luggage cart. I just woke up and my brain is fuzzy . We bought one for $15 and it comes with a bungie, but we found that the LATCH connectors fit perfectly so you can clip them on and of really easily. Yep, I found the same thing with my Marathon, the latch connectors fit perfectly onto my Volo stroller. Made it a lot easier!
Argyria is not reversible.
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