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Did anyone see the recent article about a woman breaking her neck while experiencing severe turbulence while flying? She was thrown to the ceiling while in the bathroom. I honestly don't get why folks won't buy seats for their under 2's, when they will have to when they turn 2 anyway. I decided long ago I would always get my son his own seat with his car seat in it. Our next trip he will be without car seat while flying because of his age and size, and I wish it...
Quote: Originally Posted by ramama PLEASE answer a question for me (anyone!)! I am doing a paper (due tomorrow, I'm such a procrastinator) regarding same-sex marriage. If every last state legalizes same-sex marriage, will there still be this federal immigration problem? Will the federal government have to recognize same-sex marriages in addition to (or before) the states? I'm very opinionated on this issue, but not very educated Yes,...
I believe in our state doors are required to have deadbolts? I mean seriously, a regular door is not enough to keep any burglar out. I would think making it clear that you are afraid for your child, as well as your property might get the LL moving and have him install it themselves, so they can have a copy of the key.
I hope the baby continues to be well. As for colloidal silver, honestly, I will never understand the recommendation to use this for illness on this board. Studies have shown that there are much better medicines out there to treat illnesses than colloidal silver. Not to mention the HUGE concern about thimerosal and aluminum as heavy metals, but folks are willing to give silver? Silver builds up in the body.
I have a Honda Odyssey, 8 passenger, and I have gotten various installations of three across in both the middle and back. I usually use two Marathons and a booster, or a Regent, Marathon and booster in the middle row (the regent would not do three across in the back row).
And I was just going to suggest that she sounds like a normal almost 4 yo?
Yes, please finish the full course of antibiotics. Antibiotics are totally called for in a case of pneumonia. This is my concern with the anti-antibiotics sentiment you see so often here. Yes, they are over prescribed, yes we should resist them when they are not called for, but please, there is a time and a place for them. They do save lives as well as someone's health! They are not evil in and of themselves, it's only the over prescribing of them that is.
I have had an HSG, and it was easy. Just some cramping, nothing really. However, I recommend women under 30-35 consider something more temporary than permanent birth control. Something like a IUD perhaps. The reason why I say this is that I have many friends who said they were done with having children when they were still relatively young, did a tubal, and then 10 years later or so decided they wanted another child for various reasons. Sometimes it was divorce...
GI bugs can be spread between family members, over and over again. I would have a big review of handwashing procedures, and start insuring that everyone is washing hands throughly before meals, after toileting, etc.
I had my titers checked, and still had my vax immunity. If it were my daughter, I would suggest she get hers checked when she might want to or end up pregnant.
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