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Quote: Originally Posted by Llyra I only coslept for the first year, with all of mine. However, that was because of my health and my personal tolerance levels. I don't think by any means that a year old is "too old" to cosleep. I think I'm comfortable with cosleeping with opposite gender parents and siblings until the beginning of puberty, at which point I think it should stop, mostly because of the danger of the cosleeping being misunderstood by...
Safe cosleeping guidelines have you keep the newborn and the 2.5 yo apart. I personally would never have my child sleep next to my cosleeping infant. It's just not worth the risk.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bea It's not something I'd put up with myself and therefore, there's no way I'd do it to my baby. Just because they can't express their suffering doesn't mean they aren't experiencing the exact same unpleasantness we do. Personally, I'm not encouraged to allow my child to suffer by tales of near dehydration or semi comatose states. I'd rather treat the high fever ( tepid sponging, cool clothing, light bedclothes, medication)...
Vomiting can be a symptom of stroke. With this serious of a headache, you might want to take him in. It's probably just a migraine, but you know what they say about the worst headache of your life, get it evaluated by a doc, asap. It is possible his symptoms could be more serious, and they only way to know for sure is to have it evaluated.
Hopefully manufacturers will start putting seats on the market in the US that will allow rear facing longer so the bigger kids can remain so. I agree that the law doesn't go far enough, and that the littlest members of our society need protection. Not all parents are doing what they can to keep their children safe in cars, and the children end up paying the price.
If it were me, I would get a booster for using on taxis.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiara7 And if they have parents that don't care, chances are they've got every vax possible. Can you explain this further please?
sex and drug use are not the only ways hep b can be contracted, and to say so is misleading. Children can and do get hep b from family members, even after birth. It is rare, yes, but it does happen. We are lucky that it is rare here in the US, but in other parts of the world it is a much more common occurence. I am stunned to see pregnant mothers who refuse hep B testing, or hep b positive mothers who refuse to vaccinate their infants. I think those actions are very...
Quote: I am a huge fan of the shoulder strap. Why more umbrella strollers do not have that, I do not know. yep, I think it's worth it just for that strap. The volo does steer much easier than any other stroller I have had, you can literally push it with one hand when you need to.
I will never forget the day my son took my car keys and put them in the ignition of my car, yeah, we babyproofed before that, but we REALLY babyproofed after that. He was under 2!
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