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Good news! My betas doubled from 146 to 314!!! they are goofing to do another on Monday for my peace of mind. This isn't the furthest I've gotten in pregnancy, but it is the healthiest I've been at this point. I'm feeling optimistic about this one. Not writing much - my computer died and writing a lot from my iPad is a pain. Anyone also in the infertility group? - would you mind updating the infertility group for me?
Krunchy - thanks! Feel free to tell me how great my number is anytime. I'm living off of that sort of reassurance right now.   Deborah - OMG- your doggy-bee is SO cute! Did you make your costumes?   Plane - Is it possible that your DH also has some bacteria and has been passing it back to you? I hope you can get it cleared up soon. That really sucks.
Thanks, Cville!   Pitch, my friend! I like hearing that my beta number is beautiful... that is reassuring. Can you say it again? I also wanted to give you a very belated congratulations - when I took a break, I thought of you often and hoped that you'd get your rainbow baby. Yay!
Hi everyone,   I'm very tentatively peeking in... I am pregnant again, but not ready to graduate up here officially until I am certain this baby will stick. My first beta was taken yesterday and my hcg was 146.8 - that's higher than any number I've had in all three of my other pregnancies, so I'm feeling a little optimistic. And I'm terrified.   If any of you have had multiple losses and have tips to offer about how to handle your worry and anxiety during...
Thanks, ladies!   SKJ - I'm glad you are finding some closure and will be able to move on soon. I hope that your numbers drop swiftly and the rest is easy on you.   Sila - I remember being so pissed off when I went in for testing after my last miscarriage. I didn't necessarily want anything to be wrong with me, but I did want some answers. Hearing that all of my tests were great was incredibly annoying. It left me feeling like the unluckiest person on the planet. It seems...
Thanks, everyone!   I think I'll wait a while to be added to graduates... my track record with keeping pregnancies beyond six weeks hasn't been good. So, I'll wait until I've seen a heartbeat and have a bunch of reassurance from the doc. Yesterday, I was so excited. Today, I woke up early terrified that things would go wrong. Now I'm back to feeling optimistic. I think my emotions are going to ping pong like this for a while.   One thing that is really...
SKJ - I am glad you are feeling peaceful. I hope your test results are clear and bring you certainty one way or another.   Toothfairy - I am so sorry about the cysts. :(   Sila - hope your test results come in soon.   AFM - I got a positive test today and go in for my first betas this afternoon. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. Really hoping this poppyseed is a keeper.
  First hcg beta is this afternoon - results tomorrow. I'm so excited and terrified.
Ouch - the double whammy of sad news on a due date. Due dates, in themselves can be rough. I've been sitting here for a while trying to think of something helpful to offer you today. The thing that keeps coming to mind is something that a man from my grief group said to me. "When love has nowhere to go, it comes out in the form of tears."
Dakipode maybe your dosage isn't high enough? How much are you on?  
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