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Hi, I've been checking out the site this past week and was so relieved to find this group. I stress and obsess enough on my own without other stressed/obsessed people around me to feed it! Last month was our first month TTC... I'm going to try hard to be more relaxed about it this month. So please add me to your list: TickleToes: (34) TTC #1, Cycle 2 Weekend Check-In Name: TickleToes Date: Sept 4 Where are you in your cycle: CD 2 Symptoms if they...
Well, AF did finally decide to visit... so I won't be lurking or joining this board after all. I thought that I'd be really upset, but I'm mostly relieved. Not knowing if I was pregnant or not was driving me crazy. Knowing that I'm not and get to try again is a much more comfortable place to be in.
Quote: Originally Posted by slb1107 I'm no longer lurking!!!! Got my BFP last night!!!! First appt October 7th! Congrats!
Hi, I'm new to the site and lurking here too. AF was supposed to come yesterday, but I've had no sign of her so far. Random bouts of nausea and dizziness since Sunday and my breasts are increasingly tender. I tested this morning and got a BFN... so I'm trying to make myself wait a few days before testing again and crossing my fingers that AF will stay away.
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