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Well they dont answer their phone. I called and called all week. That was my experience. And there is no live support for someone asking a question. ONLY A PHONE NUMBER...That was my point. MiaShops owner is a mom of 3 too .... she told me over the PHONE.. which is great and all. And having a "help-desk thats well staffed 24-7 which they all seem too is GREAT for their current customers but does not at all help new potential customers and is no substitute for someone...
I called all of them and Miashops was the only one that answered their phone. No really..give it a try....I called and called mmoms, shppro,or whatever . I'm not hating I'm just saying...if your going to run a business answer your phone! . They all offer similiar service outside of the fact that Miashops answers their phone, has unlimited bandwidth and actual customer service. Actually shppro has unlimited but didnt answer the phone. Miashops trained me over the phone...
Has anyone ever done business with MiaShops.com or papashoppe or shoppro? Trying to get an online store. Wondering about thier customer service?
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