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Dr Bob -    My son was sick this summer with what the dr diagnosed as pneumonia (although his chest Xray showed no signs of pnuemonia 3 days into a Zpack while his cough was still HORRIBLE).  After his first Zpack, he was still coughing until he threw up.  He had 2 more Zpacks, and I finally decided (this was in June/July) last week to have his titers checked (our 16 month old was coughing until vomiting and had one Zpack).  The health dept called today to say he had...
If the school receives any gov't funds, they have to honor the state exemptions. Most private schools receive gov't funds through the school lunch program. My son goes to Catholic school and is on a philosophical excemption.
If it is whooping cough, and you don't do antibiotics, you are contagious for 21 days.  If your children have it, they should not be around others for 21 days.  We just had whooping cough at my son's school, and the children were allowed back at school after 5 days on antibiotics.  If the parents refused abx, 21 days.  
I have heard great things about the heat . Heard the bugs are now becoming resistant to the pesticides.  I would persue your legal rights.  Our pediatrician said that lice were just a nuisance but bed bugs can carry more risk like skin infections.  She said bed bugs were a WHOLE other story compared to lice.
I need info on testing.  My family dr said I should be tested due to interstitial cystitis and thyroid issues I had during my second pregnancy (hyper).  However, my thyroid returned to normal completely after baby was delivered.  No one has figured that out (not him, not the endocrinologist, not my acupuncturist). He almost didn't test me b/c my thyroid antibodies were never abnormal, and he said that they are usually abnormal when Lyme is present.  He said almost all...
Anyone have any good recommendations? I'm very happy with our ped but need someone for me. I know OSU has an integrative med enter but they don't take my insurance.
The Autism Research Institute has reports of two children that regressed into autism after shots at age 7. One was from a flu shot. Not sure what shot the other child had.
The Boba has a taller panel than the Ergo and is good if you want to wear it w/ an older child. Bc my baby was over 12 mis when I bought, I was encouraged to go with the Boba. Very glad I did.
I know someone in Richland, but I don't know how close that is to you.
This restaurant is one of our favorites.  Although I am gluten free so I am limited here, but there are a few other gluten free restaurants that are great.  And a great gluten free bakery.    http://www.thenorthstarcafe.com/
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