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I used to drive 1 hr and 15 min one way to see our family dr in Franklin, TN (driving from Clarksville) who was preventative/integrative/vax friendly, etc.  It was a drive.  And I couldn't wait to be in an area w/ better medical care after Ft Campbell, but it was so worth it. 
I know you will. Report back when you get results.  Thinking of you  . . .  I just set up my followup scan for Jan 7 (the surgeon wants to make sure it doesn't get too big b/c pregnancy hormones can do that). 
I have used it twice to get pregnant.  And after TTC for 1 yr w/ my son and 2+ years with this one (EDD March 2) the progesterone worked immediately.  With my son we got PG immediately (1st cycle) but lost that one (likely bc my family dr was new at it and didn't know I had to stay on the progesterone until the end of the 1st tri).  I stopped the progesterone b/c I ran out of the script when I got my positive pregnancy test and lost it 3 days later.  Then I was pregnant...
I was going to refuse it just b/c I had talked to some autism drs about titanium (we have 4 children w/ autism in our family).  The drs feeling was that it was usually okay but some people do have issues with and they do chelate for it.  My feeling was if I weren't pregnant (my biopsy was done around 20 weeks) and weren't planning to breastfeed, I would do it.  The surgeon at first told me that they were encapsulated with some plastic-type material that stays there...
My OB wanted to try bioidentical progesterone b/c I was deficient when he tested me, vitamin E, and iodine.  But then I got PG so the E and iodine were out. 
Some people don't show up for allergies but some drs (usually autism drs, I think) will do peptide testing. 
Also, according to the dr that did my son's IGG testing, it takes 3 weeks for casein to be fully eliminated from your system and it can take up to 6 mos for gluten.
I would be interested in the method of testing.  Check out Great Plains Laboratory and read up on how IGG allergies affect behavior.  IGE/IGA usually test for immediate reactions - like eat a peanut or strawberry and can't breathe or drink milk and vomit (immediately).  IGE tests for more subtle and delayed reactions - such as behavior, bed wetting, etc.   
Also, the NAET person told me that corn is huge for persons w/ ADHD and autism.  She's taken 80% of her ADHD patients off their meds after healing their corn issues.  And she had one nonverbal autistic child who's speech therapist fired him he began talking so much after healing corn issues.  I don't get down to avoiding maltodexron (sp?) - that is in every prepackaged broth at Whole Foods.  But I don't cook w/ corn anymore, try to avoid gluten free products w/ corn...
I would only remove 1 at a time!  The first reason being that in people w/ sensitivites to gluten and casein, they can have an opiate effect in the brain.  So removing them is like going through drug withdrawl.  So it may be difficult on more than one front (not only bc he's missing his favs but also b/c it can be like drug withdrawl).  Removing both at the same time can be too much as far as withdrawl plus you don't know which one is his worst offender.  For us, it was...
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