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Very true.  It is all relative.  Columbus is very cheap compared to our experience living in a suburb of Washington DC where townhomes and condos went for 350k, and you could just forget buying a house with a yard.  That said, it is much more expensive here than in other midwestern cities such as Indianapolis.      
There is another indoor farmer's market during the winter besides the coop.  It is in the Griswold Senior Center in Worthington.  Worthington's Farmer's Market is pretty amazing.  Also, we have the nations #1 zoo and #1 science center.  A membership to the zoo is well worth the money.  Check out Columbus Zoo and COSI.  However, I will say that the art museum sucks big time!  We got very spoiled with some of the art centers we have had elsewhere (Indianapolis and...
Hey there - I live in Columbus (in a suburb).  Clintonville is going to be your most hippy, but you have to drive quite a distance up High Street to get to the interstate.  Longer commute.  Problem with Clintonville it is it Columbus Public Schools.  Worthington is closer to the interstate, and it is pretty crunchy too (especially Colonial Hills).  Can't say the schools are great there either.  The absolute #1 place to be with a child with special needs is the Dublin...
Oh my gosh!!!  Yes, that is where I know you from.  I was a religious attendee at the Kensington, MD LLL group at that time!!!!  I tried on the O and A and didn't like it.  I bought a Boba.  Thanks!
Also, what supplements should I have him on for his immune system?  I have him on Vitamin D, probiotic, curcumin, zinc (what he usually takes).  Plus sodium acsorbate and astragalus.  Should I do echinacea, propolis too (Sambucus).  I see Dr Sears recommends that two weeks on and two weeks off all during flu season.  
Followup to my other post:     My kids (7 and 1) are unvaxxed).  My son has a whooping cough outbreak at his school.  I took him out a week ago last Wed. b/c one of the cases was IN his class (most of the other cases are in grades 6-8.  There might be a case in 4th grade). So he's missed a week and a half for this.  Missed 2-3 other days throughout the year.  I believe he's missed a total of 10-11 days total this year so far.   That week I took him out, there were...
No not home for 21 days with an antibiotic.  Was 21 days without antibiotic or 5 days with antibiotic.  
SUre - we live in OH. We had a big outbreak last year too and it was in the news a LOT. I don't think it was as big as the San Diego outbreak. My son didn't have any cases reported last year but he was in a much smaller school. Levels had returned to normal. So this outbreak caught me off guard.
I have been emailing the teacher daily to get assignments. Next thing I need to figure out is when he goes back. They are up to 9 cases but no new ones in his class. Nurse said health dept said he could go back if he's asymptomatic but originally she said he'd be home for 21 days. Both per health dept.
Thanks Mamas! Might have to start another thread about son having to stay home from school and how to not get behind.
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