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I forgot to mention that 2 days after I posted I found out that there 5-6 cases and one was in his class which is why I took him in today.
Thank you to everyone.  DS came down with a snotty nose over the weekend.  So I took him in for the swab, and our naturopath had said not wait on results.  She felt like cold symptoms should warrant immediate abx given the exposure and 13 month old in the house.  I have had two homeopaths, a naturopath, and 3 integrative medicine drs all tell me the same thing (including our integrative pediatrician).  So he started abx today.  If it comes back positive, she'll put the...
At what age can you give SA to a child?  I have SA on hand and am going to start it on my son.  Thanks for the reminder, BTW.  I am so panicked that i forgot about the SA.
I am very concerned about him transmitting it to our 13 month old.  
Dr Bob -    My 7 yr old has been exposed to pertussis at school by a child in an older grade.  We have a 13 month old at home.  Would you give abx to prevent?   Thank you!
Do you mind telling me which cities are affected?  We are traveling to Indiana in a few weeks with 2 unvaxxed kids.  And they will be hanging out with their unvaxxed cousins who live there.     Thank you!
My son is in 1st grade, and the child that had it was in 5th grade, but she has a sister in kindergarten.  Called his integrative medicine pediatrician to see if he should get an antibiotic for prevention.  We have a baby in the house.  So I am freaked.  I know I have read on here that the antibiotic just lowers your resistance.  Not sure what to do.  Anyone been here, and what have you done?   Thanks!
I need a structured carrier for my 12 month old. I am using my old kozy mei tei to put her on my back and it is very uncomfortable for me. I was going to get an ergo but have been discouraged by a number of people that, since the seat is small, it is hard to use after about 18 months. So I am between a boba, bamberoo, kinderpack, or olives and applesauce. I'd like to use it now and into the toddler years. Thank you! Btw - you look so familiar to me - wonder if we...
Dr Bob -    My second child is 11 mos old, and I am running out of food ideas for her.  Her brother is very allergic to milk and doesn't do well with gluten (same for me, and I am on a GFCF diet as well).  When it is okay to introduce things like corn, pork and coconut milk.  What about almonds.  We've had no issues with nuts, but I realize 11 mos is too early for the almonds.  Is coconut a nut?  Is that okay to introduce sooner than tree nuts?   Thank you!
My dad is in San Diego on business this week.  Is the major outbreak of 2010 died down at all?  I know we had a pretty big outbreak in Ohio in 2010, and we're back to 'normal levels'.  He is staying with us over Christmas, and I have two unvaxxed kids (one of which is 10 months old).    Thanks!
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