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I was just reading about bromine in carseats.  Washing w/ detergent does not wash it out but washing w/ soap does.  The manufacturer says that if the seat cover is washed in soap, the warranty is null and void  
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
I'm not happy that their 'free of perfumes, dyes, and chemicals' line is now very perfumey.  I love how well it cleans but I'm not convinced how green or safe it is.  What is a good stain fighter that's natural?  Our local green store has Zaines, Bac Out, and Charlie's Soap stain spray.  I cloth diaper, so I'm wary of the Zaines b/c it has essential oils, and I don't want the residue to effect my cloths. 
I believe my 6 yr old is having a growth spurt and is complaining of his shins hurting.  He used to wake up in the night w/ horrible pain in this area every 2 months (on the dot) between ages 2 1/2 - 3 1/2.  He hasn't complained about it in a long time.  He's recently shot up in height and matured in his face, etc. Today he is complaining of this pain.  Is there anything extra I can give him to help support him through these spurts?  Magnesium or potassium?  And if so,...
My 4 mo old has had some mucus in her stool, but her stool is not green.  What does this mean?  Does it have to be green to for a food sensitivity.  I am on a restricted diet - no sugar, no gluten, no casein, no soy, and limited eggs.  I did have 2 eggs this morning, and she had quite a bit of mucus in her stool at 2 pm.  Would it show up that quickly?  She is otherwise happy and the stool is the same mustard color it has always been.
I am finding that most children's sandals have some sort of antimicrobial treatment.  For instance, Keen uses an Aegis technology and Teva uses a Microban technology.  They say that the Microban is " environmentally friendly zinc technology".  I am pretty partial to the Keens b/c they work well for my son, and I feel that they protect his feet really well.  the Aegis website says that it doesn't leach to any other organism it comes into contact with.  I read somewhere on...
Do you have any knowledge about whether the baby will flip back b/c of the excess fluid?
I have a friend that is pregnant.  She had an ultrasound today (my mom said 'sophisticated' - I assume this means 3D).  The baby is large and breech.  They are not suggesting any therapies for turning him.  As long as her water doesn't break, they'll try to turn it during labor.  Mother thinks that the bigger he gets, the less likely to turn.  I don't know how many weeks she is exactly (but i could find this out).  Apparently the issue is excess amniotic fluid.  Baby is...
Just wanted to say that we had baby #2 w/ a doula.  I've had 2 hospital births - one w/ and one w/out.  The doula made a huge difference.  She did accupressure to speed up my labor.  And during transition she had me in the shower on a birth ball . She did hip squeezes (was really feeling the contractions in my lower back and rectum) while my hubby sprayed warm water on my abdomen.  Made a HUGE difference, and my hubby and I said 'how did we do this by ourselves with #1?" 
Just had to post about my lack of faith in internal checks.  Just had baby #2.  Water broke at 8 pm and when I got to the hospital (after only having a few contractions) at 11 pm (per my dr's request b/c I'd had no internal checks in his office yet), I was only 1 cm, 50% effaced, and -3 station.  The resident was like "you aren't very favorable."  and my OB said if I wasn't close to having the baby by 8 am, they'd start pitocin and antibiotics bc of infection risk.  So...
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