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Oh yes, that was the other reason we didn't tell DS.  We wanted it a secret until I hit the 2nd tri, and we didn't trust him not to tell.
We used to live in Indy and when we go back to visit friends (I also had surgery at IU downtown), we always stay at the Courtyard Marriott on the Canal.  My son LOVES to go feed the ducks after the free continental breakfast (we take a few pieces of bread for the ducks).  They just redid the pool and hot tub.  And you can rent paddle boats on the canal which are fun.  You wouldn't want to stay anywhere near the children's museum - it is not a safe part of town. 
You are right.  They can be uncomfortable.  And discouraging if you are having a long labor (mine was 30 hrs).  In my birth plan this time around, we state "Keep internal checks to a minimum (preferably once in triage and when mom feels an urge to push).  If dilation isn't rapid and internal checks become discouraging, we would prefer to take a break from checks."  I put the 2nd sentence in just in case we get my OB's backup who might not work the way he does.  My OB was...
Well, I have a naturopath that does see kids.  and I have an integrative pediatrician.  Which do you want?
There was a HUGE thread on this subject this summer.  We didn't have any with our son, and I never questioned the benefits.  i did question the benefits this time, and I thought of getting a quick scan just to look at the heart.  The heart is the one thing I was concerned with b/c the stats are much higher than I though - 1 in 150 or so.  However, I am delivering in a hospital very close to the children's hospital, and I also read that not all heart defects are found...
Does anyone know of a good oral vitamin K?  My ped was looking for one but hasn't found one yet.
My son was 5 1/2 when we found out.  So we waited until the end of the first trimester when we heard a heartbeat.  I'd lost some other pregnancies, so I didn't want him to be disappointed.  Me being so sick w/out him knowing why sort of freaked him out.  He was much better w/ my all day/morning sickness once we told him the news. 
This is good to know.  My doula last night mentioned EPO in the morning and sex at night.  Not sure I can gear up for sex.  My lower back is hurting! Do all the capsules work vaginally?
I went to the nursing boutique at our hospital to be fitted by a IBCLC today, and I bought a Bravado regular bra but she discouraged me from buying any of the tanks/camisoles until the baby was out - said it was harder to gauge what my size would be in those once milk came in and they are tight around the tummy which wouldn't work well w/ my 38 week belly.  They carry Medela and Bravado only.  I liked the Bravado much better.  So if I like Bravado, will I like...
How much do you take and when do you start it to help labor?  Someone told me 5 pills a day going down to 3 pills a day starting at 37 weeks.  Is this right?
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