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Is there any connection?  Wondering if I should do a candida cleanse in order to pass my test.
I wonder if we used the same instructor.  We did Bradley in maryland in 2004.  LOVED our teacher.  
I just talked to a Bradley instructor that is turning into a Brio instructor . Brio is so similiar to Bradley that Bradley is suing Brio apparently. 
Here is what makes me nervous.  The school we are looking at is in the midst of new leadership.  they have an interm principle that is leaving and two nuns are coming.  It makes me nervous to commit to a year's tuition w/ this change.  What if the nuns come in and decide no exemptions?  The school nurse will be the same.  Registration is this week, and I have to bring my exemption w/ birth cert in lieu of vaccine records.  If they accept us, and we sign a contract with...
Actually, I thank the OP for posting this.  I'm posting it to my Facebook page.  Why?  Because I have had it up to my eyeballs w/ people that think if they've had their flu shot, they can go around sick and infect the rest of us.  I'm PG and due in 4 1/2 weeks.  After being at church coffee hour last week where 1) someone w/ a cold thought it would be nice ot help the pregnant lady out and give her a plate, napkin and utensils and 2) a mom whose child was home sick...
Also I am finding that, in some ways, I have more apprehension going into my second birth than w/ my first.  with the first, it was just all unknown and there was some fear w/ that and could I really do it.  But now having done it (which I did not have an epidural and overall it was a good experience), but my son had the cord wrapped around his neck with some brief distress (heart rate went down to 40) and I had a 3rd degree tear.  So those two things almost make me a...
i think the point is that you shouldn't have control during labor.  The more in control you are, the more tensed you are which perpetuates a fear-tension-pain cycle.  The more relaxed and uninhibited you are, the less pain.  You need to let the labor take over and let go of it.  My doula was telling me that it makes her nervous how much i am reading.  I would really recommend Mind Over Labor by Carl Jones though - great guided imagery.  And I found some cheaper...
This is what my pediatrician has to say on the recent Wakefield information (make sure you continue to read what she has to say in the first comment of her post - she couldn't fit it all into her status update):   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Ali-Carine/89975944964
Congratulations!!!  This is so great to hear!
Any info on Whole Foods diapers?  My SIL told me she'd been told that 7th Generation colors their diapers brown to make them look more unbleached.  Think this is true?
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