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My OB's office had me come immediately for a blood HCG test (quantatative) and to test my progesterone levels.  But I wasn't seen for an appt until about 8 weeks (that was all the original blood work and a pap).  Then I started going for more regular appts around 12 weeks. 
Congratulations!  You definitely need to stay on it until 12 weeks if you have progesterone issues.  I took 50 mg 2x a day w/ my first pregnancy and 20 mg 2x a day w/ my second pregnancy.  There are some over the counter pumps that are 20-30 mg per pump.  That might be a better option for you to figure out how much you are getting.  Whole Foods carries a few (Progest) and there is one by LifeFlo.  Just be aware that some have evening primrose oil in them which you can't...
If you could be pregnant, I wouldn't stop. 
Someone recommended I eat blackstrap molasses during my PG.  I am dairy free, and I have low iron.  I see that it has both 20% of calcium and 20% of iron, and I wonder if it is really a good source of either since they are both in the food - sort of like how spinach isn't really a good source of either?  I think that spinach has oxalates too which make it hard to aborb, but my prenatal even has the calcium left out of it (it's in a different tablet) so it can be absorbed...
I am wondering if there is anyone here on the boards that has had a child with autism and has skipped ultrasounds in subsequent pregnancies.  I didn't have any u/s for my son 6 yrs ago but have a thread going over on the PG forum b/c we're thinking of getting a quick u/s to look just at the heart (at 32 weeks along) this time around.  We have 4 children w/ autism on DH's side of the family.  And my son is highly sensitive to casein (behavorial issues), had a vitamin D...
My dosage the first time was 50 mg.  This time around it was 20 mg, and I didn't have any side effects.  Has your dr done a baseline test to make sure that you need the progesterone?  After my experience, I feel that if you are having side effects, your dosage is probably too much or you may not need it.  Because the second time around, I had no side effects and felt great!  The first time around i had hot flashes, depression, mood swings, and nausea.
Do you think standard B mode would pick it up or would I need the newer doppler u/s?  
Does anyone know what the stats are on heart defects?  One in X amt of births?  I know that the stats for autism are 1 in 150 and since we have 4 children w/ autism in the family - that's probably a higher # for us.  I am reading info on autism and ultrasounds (cell division, etc).  And the question I keep coming back to is - statistically which is more probable that i have a child w/ autism or a a child w/ a heart defect?  Also, my OB thinks his tech could look at the...
How did you know to go to a specialist?  
Did your baby have surgery as soon as he or she was born?   
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