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Just curious why one would want to avoid the metabolic screen?
LilyKay, your vacation sounds amazing! I'd love to go sit on a small farm for a while just about anywhere, but Spain? Wow.   DH gets very, very limited vacation time. I asked him yesterday how long he could take off after the baby is born and he thinks only 2-3 days.  
Does commissioning my MIL to make stuff count? Haha.   She made some great woolies for DD that won't fit a newborn, so I'm thinking of asking her to knit a few smaller ones. And I'm on the hunt for a piece of wrap to covert to ring sling using the Sleeping Baby Productions method. I'm hoping she'll oblige!   I'd love to be doing some knitting myself soon, but it's been a loooong time and I who knows if I can even manage it anymore.  
Well, now I can jump in! The other thread was hard to crash into halfway through.   I've been out of the first tri for a couple weeks now - isn't the nausea supposed to go away? It's better, but boy, I do not remember still feeling this cruddy the last time around.  
My SIL had her first during her last year of residency and went on to do a fellowship as well. I don't think it was easy, but she made it look bearable!  
Just another two cents to add to the pile. . .   I become very private and introverted when in labor. I didn't want to be touched or even looked at while laboring. My best labor memories, and the times I coped the best, were when I was alone in the tub with no one around. My Dh would have loved to have supported me more, he's said as much, but I wanted nothing to do with anyone!   I think it's important to consider your HCP's too. I had a CNM I trusted  very much...
I have acid reflux and haven't even ever had problems with spicy food. For me, citrus often triggers heartburn and general discomfort. Everyone has different triggers! I'm eating wasabi peas by the bag lately . . . yum.  
michelleepotter, I do the saaaaaame thing. I have been craving deep dish pizza all week, but every single time I eat anything with that much cheese I get so sick. I still really want that darn pizza.  
Congrats!!!!!!! How shocked were you? I can't even imagine.  
That sounds amazing! Poor DH is going to have to go back to the store again now.
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