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TeamViddy, in 99.999% of cases there is nothing that can be done to prevent a miscarriage. When they happen this early it is almost always because of a chromosomal or structural defect and there is no "fix" for that.   Many hugs and luck for the future.  
Should have been 6w5d, so they should have seen something.   I'll be fine once it's over with. Just waiting . . . .  
Well, not sure where to put this, but I'm almost definitely out. My HCG and progesterone are good, but they weren't able to see a heartbeat on Monday. Going back next week to be extra sure, but it's pretty definite at this point.   Good luck to everyone and a happy and healthy nine months!
Well, I started with the injectable medications, but I had a really bad reaction followed by an infection (eek), so now I'm using endometrin, which is also a vaginal insert, but more like a pill that dissolves slowly. I haven't had any irritation though. Have you asked if you can switch? I used an oral form with my last pregnancy that dissolved under my tongue. It tasted foul, but did the job.   I know they're usually very adverse to switching, but I was able to do...
I have yet to invest in a sprayer, we've just been dunking what can't be knocked directly off. Is it really amazing? How forceful is the spray? I have to admit, I'd rather not have to do the dunk and swoosh!
I actually have no newborn supplies, because DD was only CD'ed after two months. And she was a chunk, so I was able to put her right into medium and OS pockets and covers.   I have heard that prefolds or flats are best for newborns, but I'm nervous about breastmilk poo explosions, yech. I think I may do some fitteds from Green Mountain and have MIL knit some new tiny covers. Hopefully that will contain everything.   Other than that, we are set for the older...
Yep, definitely having round ligament pain. And not too surprised about it, my belly is looking pretty round for so early. It's a lot of stretching, I guess.  
rebeccajm, although there are theoretical potential risks to ultrasound in early pregnancy, most of the studies conducted that seem to show that cellular damage is possible are not conclusive. No one, at this point, has definitively shown that u/s is harmful. Of course, that doesn't mean it isn't, but one has to weigh the theoretical risk against any real risk, like being unsure of dates and being pressured into an induction when it is too early, or having medical...
Well I'd much prefer an orgasm in my sleep to the dreams I had last time around. I dreamed that I was being pursued through the woods by an assassin, and when I got fed up of running from him, I trapped him and ripped his head off with my bare hands. It was um, disturbing, to say the least.   Seriously, I have never woken up more freaked out.
2sweetgrrls, how long do you roast the chickpeas?   Also, I have just rediscovered Grape Nuts and unweetened almond milk. Yum.
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