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I have this problem in my ring sling and baby k'tan. If she's awake she wants her head out like a little turtle looking all around. I'm still having to hold the back of her head until she falls asleep. Glad it's not just me!
Yes! Just Annie. Well, Annie Faith with her middle name. We had a list of girl names & when we saw her she didn't look like any of them! She looked like an Annie All the babies are so precious!!
Annie at 3 weeks!
My girl sleeps on her tummy. Occasionally her side, but not for long.
Annie Faith was born in the caul on 4/19 at 5:33 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz & was 20 inches long. She is a blessing and we are so in love!
I haven't been wearing a pad with the EPO, just my DH's whitey tightys - haha! Maybe a pad would help me not feel so icky. My u/s was great - lots of fluid, placenta looks great, baby's head was so low she couldn't even measure it. They estimated the baby is 7 lbs 10 oz. that's a lb more than my DD. so here I am feeling great about the u/s then they tell me I can NOT have the baby at the birth center past 42 weeks! I never knew this. My DH is not comfortable with a home...
I am totally guzzling the water today! Although most of it seems to be getting peed right out. My favorite question is "are you dialated?" ugh! Do I ask you about your privates? So weird!! I get daily texts "feeling anything?" or "any contractions?" yes I've been having them for months, thanks! I also got a "any closer to delivery?" yesterday. I replied with "I have to be, right?". Sheesh.
Lalazap- I was trying to quote you I'm on my phone & it won't let me!
I woke up early, hungry and restless. Having a little snack and some RRL tea. 40+6 now and just trying to keep the post-dates angst from taking over. I'm feeling surprisingly good physically - am tall and still seem to have plenty of room between my ribs and fundus, I think that helps. I'm excited about meeting the baby but not dying to get him/her out. This makes me feel like it'll still be a while. Everything would be fine except for the looming discussion about...
Thank you. I needed that reassurance and that's why I vented here. People are driving me absolutely NUTS and have been since I hit 39 wks. Some days I just turn my phone off all day. Today I just feel hyper emotional, you know that feeling before you start your period and you just feel yourself brewing & you know it's just hormonal but can't make it stop? That's how I feel. It was rainy and dark here all day too which didn't help my mood. Hoping for sunshine tomorrow so...
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