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Aprildawn, thanks so much for sharing your birth story! It sounds like you had a great birth. I'm so relieved to hear that you didn't have any major tears after your 4th degree tear last time. I hope I'm as lucky! It also sounds like you had a pretty great hospital birth experience. You give me hope! Congratulations again, and enjoy your new babe! Heather
Quote: Originally Posted by pamamidwife Here's an article I recently wrote on this topic: http://www.midwifemama.com/honoring.html Pam, what an amazing article! I actually got teary reading it, because it's as if you wrote in response to my exact experience! I will definately save it to read again. I wish you could be my midwife! Heather
Wow! Thanks for all the replies! I'm glad to hear that there is still hope for a vaginal birth, although considering where I'm posting, I'd have been shocked to hear otherwise! : I'm surprised that you mostly agree that perineal massage could have had a negative impact on my pushing... well, not that surprised, really, because I feel the same way - but surprised that my MW did it if it was problematic. Though this was in a hospital, this MW is also a homebirth...
Hiya all! I'm new here, so I don't know if this has been discussed, but I'm hoping there are others who have faced the same situation and can give advice/opinions. Background: I had my first child in October. During my pregnancy, I read everything I could about natural childbirth, took Bradley method classes, even switched from a large hospital/OB to a small hospital/MW where waterbirth was an option. I was totally committed to a drug-free, intervention-free birth,...
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