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Of course pots and pans (and the salad spinner!) are the best toys. But I only have so many, and my 17mo is getting bored. Her "baby" toys don't interest her much anymore, and I'm wanting to get her a couple nice developmentally appropriate things that would keep her interested for a while. I have a tiny house so size is important. Any suggestions?
I have really terrible PMS, and I used to take a vitex tincture to help balance my hormones to ease it a bit. Now that I'm breastfeeding and my period has returned, I'm wondering if it's safe to take while nursing. Does anyone have any information? It's hard to weed things out on the internet! Thanks.
Hello - I've just moved to sort-of the Keene area (40ish min north in a teeny town). I have a 15 month old daughter and a 7 year old daughter. The 7 year old is in school all day and I'm doing the SAHM thing. I'm wondering if there are any mom's groups in the area, maybe in Keene? I need to break the monotony of my stay at home life, and my 15mo could use a change of scenery once and a while (we live in a tiny house). Thanks :)
I am going to lose it. I know it's my job as a SAHM and I love my kids and I know I signed up for this and I wouldn't trade it for the world but OMG it's really f*cking hard and I need a break. My baby is 10 months old and I haven't left her for longer than the half hour it took to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I feel like she whines constantly. She wakes up over and over at night. She won't stay on my back while I'm cooking anymore, and she's figured out how to get past...
Moses baskets are really nice for a little while, but they outgrow them quickly. I've got a lambskin ( http://www.ecowool.com/nursery-baby-and-kids/nursery-bedding/ecowool-sheepskin-baby-rug.html ) that I've put on top of a folded blanket next to the bed. That works nicely for longer!  
All of a sudden, diaper changes and potty time seem like it's the worst thing that's ever happened to her! We part time EC, so she stays in diapers most of the time and I bring her to pee/poo very often, whenever I see she may have to go and whenever she needs a new diaper. She acts like I'm torturing her! The screaming and wiggling and twisting around! She was always totally fine with diapering and pottying up until now. She gets so angry and doesn't want to be held in...
this is great!   I swear around my kids and don't care to try not to. I get angry and annoyed and I can't always express my feelings the way I'm always telling my daughter she needs to. We eat sooo much pizza, usually about once a week. I even let her get pepperoni sometimes (gasp NITRATES) We eat too much chocolate and sweet things. My oldest daughter is fully vaccinated. My baby got the dtap cuz I'm slightly more terrified of pertussis than I am of the...
I use a PUL wet bag in a tall wicker basket that was my grandmother's. It looks much nicer than a plastic garbage bin, and the PUL protects it from getting damp or smelly! I got two wet bags so that one is in use while the other is in the wash.  
My 6 yo daughter, who used to eat pretty much everything I'd put in front of her, has recently decided she doesn't like much like anything other than fruit, bread, yogurt, and cheese. Oh, and of course anything that could be considered "dessert". We've tried the bribe thing - "You only get dessert if you eat all your dinner", which I don't like and doesn't work. I really don't want to make her a separate meal, and I worry about the lack of variety in her foods. I send...
My family and I currently live in MA, but are looking to maybe move to the Belfast, Maine area sometime in the next year. We took a bit of a scouting trip last week and really loved the area. It seemed like there might be a lot of like-minded folks (dare I say crunchy?). Just wondering if anyone is around!
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