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I bathed with mine, and still sometimes do. She's two. It kept her from being scared in the tub, she didn't love it but if she got really freaked she could nurse. I hear that some kids like baths, so maybe that changes things.
The stroller nap saved my sanity (and my dd's) many times. She didn't like sleeping in any of our carriers. In summer, the stroller nap was much preferable to the car nap and sometimes preferable to the "nursing for as long as you want me to stay asleep" nap. In winter, we use a sled, and put her in a big tub with a ton of blankets.
One blanket. I ordered the yarn, but haven't decided whether it will be knit or crochet yet. It's going to be gloriously colorful. Probably I should crochet it because that's way less time-consuming for me than knitting, and I really want to finish it.
The sex dreams. Oh, my, the sex dreams. Seriously, they are about so many people, some of whom are completely invented, some of whom would be pleased, and some of whom would probably be displeased. And in all of them I'm so keen! It's unsettling. Although they're all pleasant while I'm having them . . .
I just got some poison from the vet. Because seriously. And yes, thank goodness for mil. Sometimes she drives me a bit batty, but then she does something saintly like that!
I sort of remember and have vague positive feelings about you, weliveintheforest! I have no idea from what forum, but somewhere, sometime, you posted something I thought was good.
I was majorly sore my whole first pregnancy, like shirt fabiric touching was quite painful. This pregnancy I'm nursing my toddler. I think my sensitivity decreased greatly after the (very painful) first few weeks of nursing, followed by thrush. I am a little surprised that I can nurse. It does get sore sometimes, but I think that's because she nurses forever when we're sleeping in hopes of finally getting something. Poor sweetie.
Fair warning: this is really, seriously gross, and not pregnancy related. Skip it if you're at all nauseous or squeamish. My cat threw up a bunch of times today. One time she started heaving right above some of my dd's toys, so I quickly moved them, which made dd upset (she's pretty sensitive). Then, the cat threw up. And out came a live, wriggling tapeworm. My MIL was right there and I said "Aah! There's a tapeworm in it!" and dd started crying and I tried to reassure...
Yes. Exhaustion and insomnia (night waking, specifically). This pregnancy and the last one too. And no morning sickness worth speaking of. All is pretty well here. I definitely feel better if I push past the exhaustion and try to get at least a little exercise each day. That's easier because we have TONS to do before freeze-up, which could be anytime. Probably a few more weeks . . .
Yes. Well, she doesn't pop off, but she often doesn't get anything either. I've started offering cow's milk, cuddles, and a story when that happens. Other times she is still getting some milk.
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