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I liked both Mothering and Social Print Studio on FB.   I may be traditional but I'd like to send a card with a picture of my boys.  I think I'd say "Hope your holidays are cozy and bright" 
My 2nd is only 7 weeks but I notice quite a few differences.  He can also be put down awake but tired and fall asleep, whereas my first would sometimes take hours to fall asleep!  He naps in the bassinet, not in my arms.  I do wear him a good amount still because my older one is 3 so it is nice to have hands-free when reigning in a toddler : )  I do tend to lay him on the floor more often and he enjoys watching his brother and I play.  I also don't feel like I constantly...
This is just what I came on here to look for. Mamas who manage to work and homeschool.  I currently work 20 hrs/week outside the home, but my commute is only a 7 minute walk. I am also off in the summer.  I have a 3 year old and 2 month old and really want to homeschool but I just needed some confirmation that it is possible.  My husband works 4 longer days/week so he can also do school with the kiddos on the days he is home which is when I am working.  My mom watches the...
I'm down 20 with 12 to go.  Started exercising yesterday. I thought I was gonna die on the treadmill and today I am sore.  Back to the gym tomorrow.  Going to try and go 3x/week.  I also go back to work next week so it'll be a learning curve to fit it all in with 2 littles now.  Also Oliver isn't old enough for the childcare there yet so I have to go only when my husband is home.  Blah
Tilly- I am with you on the toddler struggles.  My son who turned 3 in September is having a rough time mainly while playing with other kids.  He is being aggressive and just plain mean.  We have started a reward/strike system and it seems to be going well so far.  I hate to have to put something so formal in place but it was getting to the point where I didn't want to ever take him where there would be other kids.  Some of this had started before Oliver arrived but not to...
serafina- I also make a lot of milk and was able to donate some to a few local moms when I had my first son and plan to do so again.  I also plan to pump at least once every day just so I have some to donate.  It is really an awesome thing if you can do it!
I completely agree about people leaving their scents on baby.  It is also my ILs who do it the most!  I always ask my husband to tell them not to wear any scents when visiting but he won't do it.  I don't know what's worse, the perfume or aftershave. I gave Oliver a bath as soon as they left last week! 
I agree with Aidenn.  My son, now 3, was a terrible sleeper.  For some reason around 3 months he started waking up A LOT at night as in every 45 min-3 hours.  I never slept more than a 3 hour chunk until he was over a year old!  I read so many sleep books.  I spent hours on the internet looking for solutions.  But ultimately I just had to do what worked for me which was to nurse whenever he woke so I/we could get back to sleep ASAP and hope that it would eventually get...
  Oliver at 5 weeks old.  He is a chunk and has rock star hair all the time
Some strategies we use or have used in the past with our first- go outside even if just for a few minutes.  it seems that a change of scenery and maybe the cooler temps seem to help my babies to stop crying or at least pause for a bit turn on music and dance while holding/wearing baby.  at least it makes me feel better and i hear something other than the crying go up and down the stairs bounce on the birth/exercise ball swaddle baby once sleepy pacifier car ride
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