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My guild keeps getting bigger and while we are trying to focus on 25 man raids, half of the guild is still far undergeared and we have to set up two 10 man runs. While this sounds good in theory, it really sucks... I have to lead the raid with none of my friends and just one or two people more then I'd want undergeared for us to be really successful. Its different when we're all in there working to get it down and getting geared together, but now its all over again...
updated: shalena Merrywind 80 Druid (A) - Rexxar Sending 72 Paladin (A) - Rexxar Ushas 71 Shaman (A) - Rexxar Ibis 61 Priest (A) - Rexxar Franetty 24 Rogue (A) - Rexxar Preterite 16 Mage (A) - Rexxar - DELETED Cyanea 61 Druid (A) - Rexxar Minnerva 60 Hunter (A) - Rexxar Hating progression raiding most of the time, otherwise, WoW is still fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by amydidit I'm obviously missing something about Winter Veil. I went to Ironforge and talked to the Santa guy, brought him some cookies and milk, and he sent me a present. Umm, what else is there? Turn on your low level quest tracker, they'll all pop right up!
Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingSleep I play mostly when DS is asleep or sometimes if he's playing and not needing anything. I only "raid" when he's asleep. DH and I play together in the evenings/nights, and I'd say it's somewhat quality time. It's something we both love and we're doing stuff together... if you do start playing with your DH suggest he makes a new character to level with you! My play style pretty much matches this. DH and...
I dinged 80 last night and hope to get started on heroics and the higher end instances tonight so I can get my gear up to start raiding again. I miss it!
Quote: Originally Posted by BuddhaBuddy I'm out past Redmond, in the boonies (aka "Woodinville servent's quarters"). Oh! I'm in Redmond! I just hit 73. Blah, leveling to 80 feels like such a chore. I love the quests though.
Julian has developed some sort of seizure disorder. We've got him on medication to keep them down right now, but no answers as to why he's having them. Congrats Changed on your baby! I hope you're all doing well, and I'm sorry for not keeping up lately.
My Espresso machine. I use it everyday and it has saved us so much money that we use to spend at starbucks and other coffee places.
Quote: shalena Merrywind 70 Druid (A) - Rexxar Sending 70 Paladin (A) - Rexxar Ushas 60 Shaman (A) - Rexxar Ibis 60 Priest (A) - Rexxar Franetty 24 Rogue (A) - Rexxar Preterite 16 Mage (A) - Rexxar Cyanea 60 Druid (A) - Rexxar Minnerva 60 Hunter (A) - Rexxar updates: Ushas 70 Shaman Ibis 61 Priest I got the horseman's reins on my Shaman the first day of Hallow's end and love them! Even though she only has 60% flight skill, the...
I thought I'd update my toons: Merrywind - 70 Resto druid (Rexxar A) Ushas - 60 Ele Shaman (Rexxar A) Ibis - 60 Shadow Priest (Rexxar A) Minnerva - 60 Night elf Hunter (Rexxar A) Cyanea - 60 Druid (Rexxar A) (she's going to be balance - my main has a full balance set, but she'll always be resto for raids, I'd like to have a druid that is fun DPS all the time! lol ) edit: wow i always forget my tank (can you tell i don't like her that much?) Sending - 70 Prot Paladin...
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