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My son attended for just shy of a full kinder year and I pulled him this was 5 years ago. On the surface DSCS seemed like a nurturing, wonderful place, but at its core it was a rotten apple and damaging to my child and a few others that pulled their children around the same time I did spanning kinder age to grade 2. 
I wish we could get an update on the story, I think several people contacted the hospital/pediatric clinic regarding it just going off the comments that were on the blog. I myself am on the fence TBH.  
The title says it all :) I am really trying to find a GF play dough recipe for my home.
I am in New England "Things are normal. Closer to 'well', than to 'not so well.' " However when I say things are Okay I just mine they are fine/normal.  
My children spend the year putting money into our Tzedakah box and they get a lot of joy going with me to the bank come Rosh Hashanah and giving their money to the teller to get a cashier's cheque. They almost always pick Mazon http://mazon.org/ to (their mission statement: MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and alleviating hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds.) donate their Tzedakah money too. Do...
I agree, I think changing the UA was a good step. If we want people to learn something new how can we do that if we don't allow open and empowering discussion? If on the other hand the goal is not truly to educate and empower families if the goal is really just to circle the wagons and pat our selves on the back for what a good job we are doing being so crunchy and AP, well then keep the things the same. I hope sincerely that education and support is the goal, that is the...
I completed steps one and two what an amazing sweepstakes I love that wagon and so would my youngest little boy!
I signed up for the newsletter, I am following and have liked Lunapads on twitter and facebook!
95% pf the product must be organic :)  
Big huge fan of Bella Luna Toys on FB and in real life :)  
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