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I would definitely, definitely, definitely do the tercanazole. I had two yeast infections during my last pregnancy and monistat was a total life saver both times. Thrush is like one of my biggest fears so I have no regrets about using it. Good luck!
I would absolutely call your midwives asap. You really, really don't want an active YI when you give birth otherwise your baby can get thrush. When I had a late in the pg YI I took monistat when all the natural cures didn't work.
Awwww, congratulations!!!!!! So happy for you!!! 
So funny reading all of these symptoms where I thought I was the only one, lol. Hot flashes? Yes. Nauseous? Yes. I went through a jar of pickles last night when nothing else sounded good and that helped. Does getting up to pee in the middle of the night entail feeling like you're dying for anyone else? lol. It seriously feels like my pelvis is breaking but at least after going to the loo it's fine. Two days "late" here and I seem to be getting kind of crabby so maybe it...
Woo-hooo, how exciting!!! I tend to feel like all you really need is your vag and the baby, the rest is just "niceties" if you will, lol, so I'd do the same :-) Good luck!!
My first decided to come at like 36 weeks. 45 hours of labor (born at home). My second decided to come at 40 +4, labor was 15-16 hours at home. Totally different!! And here I am at 39 weeks with number three, super curious how this one will happen :) 
Awww, congratulations everyone!!!! So happy for you all! <3 
My first labor was 45 hours, second was somewhere around 15-16, so I am curious what will happen this time :-) My second was a million times easier than my first, but I agree with everyone else that somewhere in the 8-12 hour range would be awesome. It's really the lack of sleep in the long ones that's a doozy for me personally.
I think amazingly we are pretty much ready with all the essentials. Diapers, clothes, hot water bottles, birth kit, etc. etc. etc. I still need to install the pull up bar though for pushing time though.    Aggie, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so frustrated at times. I think for me one of the best things about this pregnancy has been the fact that I am just too busy to even think about "Will it be today?" or "Does that pain/cramp/etc. mean something?". I had a...
New Posts  All Forums: