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I finally made my candle today!  Letting it harden and then I'm going to transfer some birth art onto the container tomorrow.  Feels really good to finally be getting this done!  It's been on the to-do list since I found out I was pregnant!
Cindy, I'm glad she had a good day.  DS starts next week and we're going to meet his teachers and see his classroom tomorrow.  I agree that getting him started off at school is one of the big things for me before this baby comes.  How many days a week is your daughter going?  We're starting off with two days a week this year.  I think it will  be good for him to have his own thing going on there with all the baby stuff going on at home.   Dannic, I think I'm the one...
So, the midwife many of my friends have used in the past often assigns mothers to write a birth invitation as they look towards the birth of their children.  I so love this idea.  In a way it's similar to a birth plan, but it's written from the perspective of what you want present at the birth of your child, rather than what you do not want.  It's been one of those things that I've wanted to do for this birth that's been sort of hanging over my head.  In the next day or...
I'm still trying to decide.  I've been thinking about maybe my tankini top and either old sweat pants or a dress that I don;t mind getting ruined.  Last time in the hospital I wore a horrible nursing gown till I took it off at some point.  I hated that thing but I guess it was better than a hospital gown.
Hard to believe how close we are getting!  I'm largely ready and really glad I was nesting so much early on.  I still have lots to do, but I've had so many problems with my back and tailbone recently that I have quite a few days where even hobbling around the house has become quite an ordeal. I've been so uncomfortable.  All of the places I usually sit in the house suddenly make me feel worse.  It's like I either have to be standing or in bed and I start to hurt pretty...
Love seeing everyone's projects!  So fun!     Pregnova-I hear you on being ready to knit some non-gender neutral items!     I've done a good bit of baby knitting but not quite as much as I had hoped to have done.  I have to make a few more little newborn hats and I'd like to get some more longies made.  Of course DS keeps wanting me to make things for him too (and I took a break from kid/baby knitting to make myself a much needed hat and cowl set for this...
Bumping this up one last time!  I'm going to send out the list to participants tomorrow morning, so if you want to participate, PM me your contact info ASAP!
I'm hoping we get some more people too!  Looking at my schedule I won't get the final list ready for everyone until tomorrow evening so you all have some more time to sign up!  Again, PM me your address so I can add you to the list if you want to participate!  I'm really looking forward to bead shopping!   TipsLady-Please send me a PM with your address so I can include you in the list!  Thanks for joining in!
Bumping this up!  So far we only have 2 folks planning to participate!  If you want to be a part of our DDC bead swap please sign up by this Sunday 8/26!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing that thread Cindy!  I was in a hurry yesterday morning (and again this morning) but it helps to see how they organized themselves.  Also, I LOVED seeing their beautiful necklaces!  Very special!
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