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Thanks for sharing your story and pictures of your beautiful boy!    
Congratulations Aggie! and welcome baby Mackenzie!
Congratulations Icy and welcome baby Arelei!
Congratulations Zub!  And welcome baby Charlie!   After having pretty strong but somewhat irregular contractions  every 5-15 minutes from 8AM yesterday to  at least 1AM this morning, just as I was going to bed, and having the baby drop AGAIN  at that point, the contractions have stopped all together now. I'm feeling so, so frustrated and disappointed this morning.  I'm dreading having to call the birth team and my parents to tell them "never mind".  DS spent the...
Congratulations Amanda and Welcome baby Kara!
Congratulations Pinkbruise!  and Welcome baby Sage!  
Got DS part way to school and turned around and came home this morning and alerted my birth team.  Hopefully it's not another false alarm.  It definitely feels different and more intense than before.  
Thinking of you!
I'm sorry so many of you are hanging out with me here in the past the due date and waiting club.  It looks like I'm in good company.  I'll be thinking about you all and sending you good labor starting vibes!   Amanda, yes it looks like we have the same due date (at least the same one as my current midwife's using).  I hope everything goes the way you want it to.  All I can think of is lots of hands and knees or hanging out leaning on the birthball (only comfy...
Depending on which care provider's guess date  I go by, I'm either 41 weeks +1 or 40 weeks+4.  DS was born on what my OB said was 40+1, but I think he was more like 38.3-39 weeks and would have easily gone till at least 41 if left alone instead of being induced.  
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