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We used imse vimse contour diapers, they're nice, but maybe not great for heavy wetters. We also used kawaii pure&natural on the smallest setting and really like them, I hear they now carry bamboo diapers for newborns, wish we could have tried those too. I had a couple of flats that worked well; tried kissaluvs too, they're ok, but I didn't love them since the rise is too low.  
I know many see grabbing food off plates as a sign of readiness... it might be, but at the same time, I know that my LOs at that age would also be capable of chewing on a habanero chili if given the chance, and just because they try to put something in their mouth, doesn't mean they should eat it, or that their digestive system is ready for that particular food. While EBF, my children showed sensitivity to certain foods I ate, so I prefer to wait, but that's just us,...
I'm not much help, my kids are experts at opening/removing every single babyproofing device, lol! The only thing that has worked was getting rid of stuff, having minimal furniture and putting any potentially dangerous object where even I can't reach without a ladder, and then locking the ladder away , well I might have exaggerated with that last part, but I don't like surprises from my little explorers. Is there any way someone could help you organize or maybe donate...
How about the honest diapers? I'm not sure what they're made of, though. I'd try taking flats and handwashing them.  
How about fitteds? Something like this http://www.nickisdiapers.com/imagine-one-size-bamboo-fitted-diaper.html They can be used under a wool cover or a PUL/TPU one. I have some bamboo pockets (fabric that touches baby's skin is also made of bamboo) that we love.
Thank you!   I'll definitely check them out!  
My parents did, and they were extremely abusive, but no one knew. Outsiders thought we were the perfect family, but my mother spanked even for what she imagined others could have thought about me, I was never safe. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Today, I have no contact with my parents, would be overjoyed if I never saw them again, and I do my best to keep my children safely away from them. There is NO WAY I'm doing the same to my kids. By the way, DH is also...
Hello! I'm hoping you could share with me the titles of your favorite books on GD, I'm especially interested in those full of tips and ideas. Sadly, my parents were extremely physically and verbally abusive, still so toxic that we have no contact, and DH's parents are all for yelling, along with some crazy behavior from my mil. We're doing our best to avoid the same mistakes, but we could definitely use some pointers. Any must-read books?   TIA!
I used to wash our diapers exclusively with soap nuts when LO was younger, now we mostly use Planet, and every now and then, soap nuts. They do get the diapers clean, but I generally try to hand rinse each diaper immediately after use because I don't trust our FL, and hate running more than one cycle. I don't know how well they'd work without the rinsing.  
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