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I started pumping to build a freezer stash when DS was around a month old, at first I only got around 3 oz. per session, but after several days of constant pumping, I got 11 oz., the problem was that if I missed any pumping session I got HORRIBLY engorged. I always got more milk around an hour before DS woke up for the day. Right now I rarely pump, since DS won't drink pumped milk, but when I do I get around 0.5 to 2.5 oz., unless DS skips a session and then i get 4-5 oz....
Ooohh! We watched it a couple of days ago, and really enjoyed it. My toddler appeared hipnotized by it, haha!
I don't really like to NIP, but I did when DS was younger. DH was and still is completely fine with it, baby's hungry and won't take pumped breastmilk, what else are you going do?
Don't worry, your BM is enough. My LO didn't eat almost any solids till he was 1, though hubby wanted him to try new foods, because: "He's missing out on such delicious foods!" lol...
I do, since my husband isn't vegetarian.
I would - my LO does know my grandfather, we see him often and are really close.
My LO started kicking, tossing, turning, even climbing on top of us since he was around 14 months old, last night I even woke up and saw him sitting but completely asleep! And yes, by the way he moves while he sleeps, it would seem he thinks our king size bed belongs ONLY to him... Different bedtimes haven't worked for us, though.
New Posts  All Forums: