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One time at the airport we were questioned about the ergo (I didn't have it on yet), I answered it was a carrier for my older toddler, they looked surprised and said he was too big to still be carried, but no dirty looks. Sometimes I have seen alarmed expresions in elderly people who seem to think I'm carrying them in a backpack and think it's dangerous and irresponsible... could it have been something like that??
How about disana's tie nappies? They're not white, more like beige, but they are plain, have no logo on them, and they look very cute on tiny babies.
How about trying a lact-aid? http://www.lact-aid.com/  
I don't love flannel, it didn't work too well for us, we had several leaks, but was fine for cloth wipes. How about cotton/bamboo terry? I've made some diapers using rita's rump pattern (free), and they fit my LO fine (and my sewings skills aren't that good).   If you're interested in pockets, how about kawaii diapers? Those are the ones we have experience with, and we love them. They're affordable too, and you can choose a package deal like these...
Yeah, that's the link. I like that you can choose the "regular" ones, or smart fit, and also if you want them white, unbleached or organic. Hope you find what you need!
I would have stopped the playdates long ago. I'd be very upset if this happened to my DS, and completely understand what you did, though I would have been the one taking my child and leaving. No, you shouldn't just stand there and watch your children get hurt, part of our job is to protect them, especially when they're so young. Your little ones are being bullied, don't let them get used to it, they deserve better. If you really wanted to continue the playdates, I'd try...
Don't know about any, but the Imagine prefolds from Nicki's diapers are quite reasonably priced... we have the green edge ones and are happy with them.  
We really like SweetLeaf http://www.sweetleaf.com/products/sweetleaf-products. I've also seen other brands that sell the leaves (not powder), but can't remember the name, we haven't tried those anyway.  
We really like Planet, it has worked great for us - no iritation, and clean clothes and diapers...  
Suck! I hate "viscous fluids"...   Tacos?
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