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Oh mama. I am so so sorry that happened to you. It is a complicated thing to have the baby you dreamed of, wanted, and then to be grieving the loss of the birth you worked so hard to get. I can really relate to your feeling of failure, like your body failed you. I felt like, after my c/s, I left my body in a way and am still working on coming back home to it. It didn't feel like a safe, precious thing to inhabit after my c/s. But I'm working on it.  You sacrificed so....
Yes, that's correct. Homebirth Cesarean refers to a planned homebirth that ended with babe being born in the hospital OR. 
@CoBabyMaker-   Yes! Me too. That is one of the reasons I love this project. The author, Courtney Jarecki, planned a homebirth and was transferred for a c/s. She came up with the phrase "homebirth cesarean" because she didn't feel like her experience fit in any pre-existing categories.    There is a private facebook group too, Homebirth Cesarean. And a twitter @HBCesarean. I would encourage you to check out both things! 
For any mamas out there who planned an HB, but ended up having a cesarean, this project is pretty interesting/awesome. Might want to check it out- it's a great healing resource.   http://homebirthcesarean.com/
I love that.   I also read this quote today that I wanted to share:   "There is no agony like an untold story inside of you." - Maya Angelou   Thank you to everyone here for holding a space for us to tell our stories.   <3
Oh also, Peanut, I wanted to share this link with you. If you are in or around the Madison area of WI it might be something you're interested in. I co-facilitate the group with another mama. Our next meeting is 11/3.    http://birthtraumamadison.wordpress.com/
Peanut,   Welcome to our little group. I am so glad you shared your story. It is an incredible one. You have been through so very much. I want to tell you that I'm sorry you didn't have the birth you dreamed of and worked so hard for. That is a loss in and of itself, and for many of us, we grieve that loss for a long time after our children are born.   Your workplace sounds like they were awful to you, and that makes me angry and sad for you. You deserved to be...
Maxton,   You have been through so much. I am so sorry that your birth experience and your postpartum time wasn't what you hoped for or deserved. You sound like a woman of deep and incredible strength- I can hear your love for your child and your family vibrating through this harrowing story.   I too hope you find healing. I'm glad you found this board. Welcome.
Sure! The website is   http://jadebeall.com/a-beautiful-body-project/   It sounds like your dance community has a similar impact. Seeing the beauty in so many different bodies. I love that. 
Since my c/s I've felt like it's been hard to re-inhabit my physical self. I just feel kind of like my body is a thing that let me down, and a source of pain rather than a comfy home for my heart and spirit. A great deal of my healing has had to do with finding a way to come back and be fully present here, in this skin.   Recently I came across a photography project from a woman named Jade. She takes photos of women in which she aims to "redefine beautiful." So there...
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