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Minot's Oak Park could use everyone's vote! Coca-Cola is sponsoring a "Favorite Park" contest and the winning park receives $100,000. Oak Park was right in the path of the flood that hit Minot and it's a great park. It's currently in first place! But all the votes help. http://www.livepositively.com/#/americasparks/vote
I've only read the OP. I think it's pretty normal to leave things in the office for them to take your kids- it's not policy at our school but they do prefer it. They call the kids to the office to pick their stuff up. And you *can* be a distraction during independent work. I think you're overanalyzing things- I don't think there are things they don't want you to know. If you want to observe, sign in to observe. Do some volunteer work- that gives me plenty of chances to...
Oh, of course I miss them! But they are where they need to be and I am doing what I need to be doing (right now, I'm in school too). I'd love to homeschool but it's just not something I am comfortable doing.
We have the It's So Amazing book. Our kids are 6 and 8 and the 8 yo is the one who is interested in the subject. It's a good book.
My dd1's name is Elizabeth Anne. I felt a more traditional name would be best to go with her name when dd2 was born. Her name is Kathryn Rose. I was planning to name her Katherine Rose so they'd both have the same number of letters in their names, but Kathryn is a family spelling so we went with that instead.
This is the first year we've had a reading log. It's for my 3rd grade dd. She is supposed to read for 15 minutes each night and then re-tell me or her dad what she read and then we log what she read, how many pages, and any comments we have. The reading part is no problem- she loves to read- but she's not good at re-telling. She needs me to lead it, but I know she's understood it because all I have to say is, "and then what happened" and she can tell me. Her...
My 3rd grader only gets 15 minutes after lunch for recess. She has gym 3x a week for 30 minutes. My first grader gets 3 15 minute recesses and she has gym 2x a week.
That was bizarre. I like the Old Spice guy much, much better!
Has the scan of the list been posted yet? I can't wait to see it! 2 years ago, the teacher asked the parents if we wanted to have one kid bring in snacks for the whole class or do individual snacks and I said even if everyone votes for one kid/whole class, I am sending my own snack for my dd. Thankfully, the teacher went with everyone bringing their own. Last year, they made it a school-wide rule there would be no food sharing so everyone had to bring their own snack....
I get up anywhere from 1-2 hours before I wake the kids. I pack lunches, take my shower, work out if I get up in enough time, visit with my dh before he leaves for work. I wake them about 50 minutes before we leave (7:30). We leave about 40 minutes before school starts (starts at 9) (we live about 20 minutes or so from school depending on traffic) and the school opens 10 minutes before school starts. I try to get them in bed by 8:30 but it's usually closer to 9. I think...
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