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Holy moly. Thank goodness you are all OK. That is some luck.
But waering a tank under it makes it hard to nurse. Gotta take it off to pull up tank. Now if u had a nursing tank, you would be golden.
That was my logic. Bc even the expensive ones were getting lukewarm reviews. No doubt they are all uncomfortable, but postpartum is uncomfortable! So.
I have a Gabriella elastic binder for my belly and a Shrinxhips. The Shrinxhips is really well made and easy to use. The Gabriella is a basic cheap binder. It works fine but isnt anything special. I have to wear a tank top under it bc i find it uncomfortable near my skin.
I had to go back thru and read the names. There are so many great ones!
I belly wrap and have a hip wrap too. Makes a big difference!
t is really amazing to me how terrible the post partum period is. My lady parts are soo ouchy. My boobs are on fire. The engorgement was so bad i finally had to pump. I tried hand expressing bc i guess that is better so as not to destroy this delicate balancr between babe and breast. . . Whatever! I couldnt remove enough to be comfortable. Finally pumped and dumped 9. Ounces of milk! No wonder everything hurt. Really having trouble getting comfortable and sleeping. My...
Nice photos Kelsey. So sorry to hear about DH. 3 months is a very long time to have to stay off your feet. I guess he doesn't have a job he can work in a wheelchair? Do you guys at least get partial paid time off for him? Sorry i don't have any good suggestions for what will help in this situation. Cowsmootoo - i imagine you are tired of waiting. There is sex and castor oil too. Both of which i would use only as a last resort, but you might be at that point!good luck.
Rosalind Opal was born last night 1-30-14, only 4 days past her "due date". She weighed 7'15 and was 20 inches long. We made it to Birth Center at 11:30 and she was with us at 1:09. I was a 4 upon arrival (probably checked around midnight, bc we had to unpack the car and get kids situated). Next thing i knew i was vocalizing thru the contractions. Got checked, was a 7, got in the tub for maybe 15 minutes. Was terribly uncomfortable (FWIW, a birth pool is soft a...
Cat- make sure that rash is not cholestasis. Has the MW seen it? You can try an oatmeal bath.
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