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I have an appt on Friday. Will be 40 +5 then. I know they want to set up the NST and u/s for fluid check on Monday which would be 41+1. Does anyone have any thoughts on these procedures?
Serenyd, i am 40 +2. I really dont want the babe to stay in. My birthday is Feb 4, and I was so hoping this baby would be born well before my special day. Oh well.
Wow, orchidez! I hope my labor isn't quite that fast. But here i sit at 10 pm and starting to feel the same contractions as last night. Sigh. It wouldnt be so bad if you could just sleep thru them. But these radiate across my upper back and are coupled with menstural like pain. Not fun. But not horrible, not "real". Maybe they are dilating me tho, who knows. I am only 40 and 1. The people around me are getting anxious and i had to answer so many questions...
Sounds like a productive day PamelaR. Way to go getting to 5 cm for free without active labor! I am sure you will go on your own soon. No worries.
It all came to a stop at about 2:30 am. I started to think, "i bet i could sleep thru these", and so i laid down! When i did i could feel baby's head had floated up above and to the side of my pubic bone. Now why did s/he do that?? After that i just went to sleep. Head is back center now, but still floating. Getting Braxton Hicks regularly, but i suppose i wont get real contractions again till baby drops back. Third kid is the wild card they say, guess it is true for...
Early labor. I just called the birth center to let the on call midwife know. I have been having pretty regular contractions since about 10 pm. They have slowly gotten closer together. Seems very positive. Just waiting for them to get to where they take some concentrationt o get through! Excited to meet this new person.
TMI, but i just had a massive case of the runs for no reason. Well maybe it was the spicy chinese food and japanese i ate the last two days. OR maybe it is the start of something?? We will see.
I will try ergo with swaddled babe. Thanks for tip.
Yep, still here. Cannot sleep tonight. But it isn't bc anything is happening!! I am 40 weeks officially. Sigh. Best of luck to all still waiting.
Good photos, mcimom!
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