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If you figure out a good trick for using the Ergo, let us know. That infant insert is just bulky!!
I don't have a particular one. That is just how i learned to do it. Try tying it a few more times. Seems like you need to put the shoulder straps on tighter (shorter over the shoulder) and possibly wrap the middle section looser (altho it looks ok in the picture). Trial and error at this stage. Once you get the hang of it it is quick and easy. I don't recall an easy way to adjust it once you have it on, though? I know i always ended up making it smaller and tighter...
Amazing! A big baby for sure.
Use youtube and watch a few videos of people tying the wrap and putting baby in there. The part supporting her head does look loose to me.
Sounds horrible Orchidez! I hope everyone is feeling better now.
Wow! They are starting to really come now. Congrats to all!
So sweet!
Oh, Lilyofjudah, I am just laughing along with you. "Come out, come out"!
More pics! I agree, it makes it easier to wait if u get so see new babies. Thanks!
Had a little birthday party for DD2 today. She turned 3!! All went well, and I am soaking my tired butt in the jacuzzi now. She also stopped nursing altogether sometime between Thanksgiving and mid December. Not really sure when, but I am so thankful. I was not looking forward to having to nurse two kiddos. The bad news- we have received the third and final decline for our requests and appeals to have the Birth Center covered as in -network for our insurance. Not...
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