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Great work JustJenny! Thanks for sharing the story.
I lost my first bit of plug today! 37.5. Exciting! I figure i will go to 40 weeks, but nice to see something that might mean progress. I cannot reach my cervix to save my life, so no clue how things are going. Hopefully leaving the EPO as high as i can get it is good enough?
Cwill. Agreed. Trim it all! Nothing worse than hairy bloody bits. Oh well. We must be in the minority?
Interesting. Thanks for the swaddling info. I did some google research too. We are at a birth center, which i probably should have said - so some stuff that is routine at a hospital just cannot happen there. For instance, there is no nursery.
Here is mine: Birth Plan for Baby XXX This is our third childbirth. We have had two previous successful natural births. Our goal is to get in, birth baby and go home. We have two daughters, who may attend the birth, depending on the time. Both have been prepared and will have a caregiver. During Labor ● Intermittent fetal monitoring, please, at the longest possible interval, I don’t like to hear the monitor. ● Cervical checks at my request only. ● I...
Pomegranate, why no swaddle? Looks great, btw!
I read Clary Sage is good for labor (i may have read that somewhere on here). I tried to order some on amazon, but it wasnt to arrive until jan 20. Sooo, that's no good. I have sandalwood, which i like. It is musky and good for relaxing.
Iowa -  I was thinking I would just make him haul the buckets of water to the spot beside the fire!!  Although if I had to wait for that to happen with my last homebirth, the pool surely would never have gotten filled in time.
I don't think it is too long. Seems perfect to me. I Might add 3rd stage placenta management preferences. A shot of Pit is usual in some places to prevent bleeding and deliver the placenta quickly. I would directly address post-partum baby care; vit K shot, Hep B and eye drops are (i think) all standard, unless you specify. My BC MW has already asked about those preferences and requested that we put them in a birth plan. Unless that is on your purple sheet already. I...
Iowa - you reminded me that i want to get a little table to put by my rocker!
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