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Mcimom, great birth story. You really captured your feelings well! I love a good birth story. I am glad that you are starting to feel better. Best of luck moving forward.
OMG, CWill, my DH has annoyed the crap out of me this entire pregnancy. It is awful. I realize that I am a hypercritical bitch. I also am miserable bc I don't like being pregnant. And nobody is getting laid around here. This hasn't made a good combination. Lol. Luckily i do love him dearly! We are both just counting the days until the baby is here and i can have my body back (minus the postpartum awful and constant breastfeeding. Ho-hum). Life is so much easier...
I just use a kitchen size trash can for my pail.
Side lying was waaay easier with number 2 for me, so there is hope! Another good tip - when baby has a poop blow out, take the onesie off from the shoulders, top down. Those funny slits at the top of the shoulder are there so you can open it up and pull it down! Much more pleasant than pulling poo over their head. Sounds silly, but you would be very surprised at how many people don't know this, or don't think of it at the moment of blow out.
I use the angel wing fold. It creates a gussett to hold in poo. Here is a tutorial. Although with NB sized PF, you probably won't have extra material to fold down in the front. And i use snappies, not pins. http://www.diaperpages.com/angel_fold.php Other than that, i don't do anything special to hold in poo. EBF poo is impossible. I find the PFs work better than 'sposies, maybe bc u have two layers with the diaper and the cover, rather than only 1 layer. But...
Great news mcimom!  I have been waiting to hear from you.  Glad all went well and she is beautiful!
Ok, thanks! The ones i was looking at were 1300 mg. seemed high to me, but there were people on the net using that dosage. I will go with 500.
Uploading late. 32 weeks or so here!
I thought this might be fun. Any good advice for the beginning? The one i love is coating a newborn baby's butt with olive oil. This prevents the meconium poops from sticking and makes those diaper changes a snap! In fact, i just filled a little container with olive oil and packed it in the bag for the birth!
Anybody know the appropriate dose? I remember doing some by mouth and some inserted but i don't recall how many mgs in each capsule. There is a handout the midwives give, but i won't be back until after 37 weeks. I wanted to start now, at 36 weeks. I could call, but i hoped you could tell me!! The net has different info out there.
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