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I followed the directions :) We are currently using OM for our 6yo and I would love to get the next year's curriculum!
shared on facebook!
I subscribed! I would love to see a post about how to balance the planning of homeschool days with the flexibility of child-led activities and play :)
I shared on Facebook!
This tip stuck out to me to most: Ask for help when you need it, and accept help graciously when offered.  I feel that I offer help very frequently, but am unable to accept it when I need it! 
We home school so that we can individualize our children's learning. I love the special time connecting each day with them.
I'm a fan of OM & Mothering on FB!
Took the evaluation...my girl is definitely Bodily-Kinesthetic and Intrapersonal! 
ha! awesome! yes,i meant to post it in the babywearing contest. i did enter it, and a couple others, after i figured out that i started a new thread . thanks!
on a walk with my then 6 month old (now 22 months!)
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