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We've done a mixture of Dreambox and Life of Fred (which my library has) for 1st grade math. Neither is super expensive.
I've experienced this, too: My four year old is very thankful and helpful. My seven year old constantly complains about everything. I took her sledding (all my kids alone) and she complained how I wouldn't push her up the hill with a baby on my back. I do insist that at the end of the day she try to think of one thing to be thankful for every day and write thank-you notes, but I have heard that this is a sort of negative age.
Are you still using a back-up diaper? If so, ditch it. I've never had a kid complete while still wearing diapers. When I saw one of my kids starting to wet, I'd tell the kid to wait, pick them up, help them with clothes, and then sit them on the potty. I'd then reinforce the sign the kid used for the potty.   Otherwise, lots of reminders and lots of potty trips built into the routine.
I find my babies signal best in a carrier (fussing, arching their backs). What kind of diaper are you using? I use a prefold with no cover around the house to help me keep track of peeing frequency and signals. Have you tried reading books on the potty? I find my babies once mobile have difficulty sitting there without a story or toy.
I've never sewn prefolds. I do use prefolds for my babe, though. I have really large newborns (all born between almost 9 lbs to 9.5lbs), so I've never used newborn prefolds, but I use the other two...the infant really only for the first few months and then standard until graduation (which for us has been 1.5 years)
Full moon blessings, mamas! Here's a poem for the Esbat:   Wolf Moon by Mary Oliver Now is the season of hungry mice, cold rabbits, lean owls hunkering with their lamp-eyes in the leafless lanes in the needled dark; now is the season when the kittle fox comes to town in the blue valley of early morning; now is the season of iron rivers, bloody crossings, flaring winds, birds frozen in their tents of weeds, their music spent and blown like smoke to the stone of...
Mommybear - Congrats!!! What a wonderful way to start the new year with your family reunited! How are your boys doing? We homeschool, too. It's our first year, and I'm so glad we chose this! Vy - Good luck to your partner with his new job! Wolf - Congrats! I look forward to hearing more about your wedding prep! AFM - One of our cars seems to have died. We live somewhere where you can't really walk anywhere, so we really need two cars. Ever since my husband couldn't work...
New thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1395077/cold-moon-pagan-family-circle
New moon blessings, mamas! And a happy new year! How did everyone bring in the new year? We did a lovely, chill Tarot ritual and stayed up until 1AM. We had planned for the big kids to stay overnight at my parents' place, but my parents called at 2:30AM with my middle child crying to come home. Of course he still awoke before 7AM. I still will have to pick up my oldest later. I love watching the snow but not driving in it.
Tree - I really look forward to the new moon too, especially after my partner gifted me with a new tarot deck this Christmas. I'm hoping to do a good cleansing. Wolf - Bacon cheeseburgers on pretzel buns sounds amazeballz! Treslo - I hope your ritual went well. Vy: I want to see those pictures you promised!
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