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My five year old (also allegedly gifted according to school entrance exams, though I'm not sure about the validity of those tests) is in no structured activities right now. During the spring, she wasn't in preschool, but she was in ukulele classes. We also went to a story time once a week. That was it. I don't like a whole lot of activities for small children. I have two kids (5 and 2), and I'll say with more of her peers going to school, she spends a LOT of time with...
Which belly binder did you use? Thinking about doing that this time around, if I make it all the way.
When I told my eldest about her baby brother, she was two, and she didn't really understand. Until she saw the baby, she thought another toddler was joining our house to play with her. This time, she will be five, and I think she will get it more. I plan to tell her after we hear a heartbeat.  
Names I like: Hazel Hermoine Levi Ezra Eliza Gage Gavin Zane Rowan Willow River
Bleh. Between 6-6.5 weeks today. Feeling very sick and tired. I'm totally ready to skip to the second trimester already, lol.  
I like stretchy wraps for itty bitties and I used a piccolo for when my kids were older. It's pretty worn out. I'm thinking about getting a Boba this time around.
I'm moving next month, so I'm not even going to think about it. There is one midwife I talked to on the phone I really liked but not sure if she'll still see me so far away. There's also another I haven't talked to who I'd be interested in interviewing. And there's a third I already interviewed before my loss. So, I'm just going to settle in, and by then, I'll be 12 weeks, which is kind of when I want to start this process anyway (since it sucked last time to cancel a...
  My bike was stolen a few weeks ago , but I had been traveling on a Mountain bike with an iBert in front for my two year old. Both of my kids really loved the iBert. I'm not comfortable traveling with the kids in a trailer after someone hit my kids in the trailer (they were fine).     Praying for your house to sell!   Happy Birth Day, baby! And congrats to you, Lioness! What a beautiful little baby. I'm glad to hear the birth went well. How is life with yet another kid...
Wishing you a quick and full recovery.  
I often feel like prenatal yoga in the first trimester doesn't provide a good enough workout. I got a prenatal yoga video, and they had a routine that focused on morning sickness, which excited me, but it was *so* modified that it felt more like a rest than an exercise.
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